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  1. Post-herpetic neuralgia. Even worse. Thanks, shingles!
  2. I preferred Hollie Smith, despite a few foot-faults in her second solo. As for the wild card, I can only assume that if the runner-up in any section was so close to being declared the winner that the toss of a coin could have altered the result, the judges feel it only right to give him or her a second chance. I may be misremembering but didn't a wild card win the final one year?
  3. SCS D3 £11. Cast Hayward/Corrales. Note early start. Actual ticket, not e-ticket so anyone interested please contact me with name and address for posting.
  4. Thursday 9 May 2019 SCS D53 £6.00. It's an actual ticket not e-ticket. Anyone interested please contact me with name and address for posting.
  5. Wednesday 8 May 2019 7.30 pm first performance. Stalls Circle Standing D51 and D52 £6.00 each. Actual ticket not e-ticket. Anyone interested, please contact me with name and address for posting
  6. Thanks, everyone - sympathy much appreciated!
  7. Shingles. Agony. No more to be said.
  8. The receptionists at my GP practice are all very helpful, but I really can't accept that someone who is not medically trained is able to determine which member of the health care team is best suited to deal with any particular symptoms. I rarely attend the surgery and usually only because I've been summoned for some routine check up or test, so when I think I need an appointment, I really need an appointment and it's very frustrating having to battle through the Reception filter system.
  9. GP practices. After numerous attempts to get through on the 'phone after failing to make an appointment online, how maddening is it to listen to a lengthy recorded message about being prepared to discuss one's symptoms with the receptionist so one can be referred to the "appropriate team member", followed by the need to respect staff and warnings of zero tolerance of verbal abuse before being put on hold for ages and then finding that no appointments are available! Then, when an appointment is available it is with a paramedic, who, good though he is at his job, is unable to prescribe any drugs so a doctor's signature is required which fails to materialise resulting in a goose chase between surgery and pharmacy. I don't know about verbal abuse - throwing a brick through the surgery window is tempting at times.
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