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  1. You should - there will be other Balletcoforum members you may recognise and I'm sure you would be made welcome.
  2. I liked Sandra Madgwick a lot too. One of my memories of her was when she popped out without makeup or wig as Juliet when Monica Zamora's debut in the role was cut short by injury early in the show. As we had driven to Birmingham especially for Monica's debut we were a little nonplussed, but Sandra gave a lovely performance and we went home happy. Other dancers who have had less of a following but whom I remember with pleasure are Ravenna Tucker (Principal) and Chloe Davies (Soloist) both Royal Ballet. I found their soft, lyrical style very appealing. I remember Chloe standing in for an injured Darcey Bussell at the premiere of Wheeldon's Pavanne, partnered by wonderful Jonathan Cope. Although Darcey created the role I preferred Chloe's performance of it when I later say Darcey dance it.
  3. The seating in the stalls varies according to the programme - the front few rows can be removed to accommodate an orchestra, for example. From personal experience I would avoid the stalls side gallery seats nearest the stage, especially Row B. If you are tall I believe the seats in the front row of the Circle and Upper Circle have very poor leg room.
  4. I can only echo these heartfelt tributes to John. I will really miss his cool analysis of performances at Covent Garden, his gentlemanly manner, and not least his unabashed foraging amongst the snacks and sandwiches left in the Floral Hall (as I always think of it) by affluent members of the audience with eyes bigger than their stomachs!
  5. No cuckoos, sadly, but the regular greater spotted woodpecker visitors to our bird feeders are now the proud parents of two fine juveniles. All four together make an impressive wight.
  6. Post-herpetic neuralgia. Even worse. Thanks, shingles!
  7. I preferred Hollie Smith, despite a few foot-faults in her second solo. As for the wild card, I can only assume that if the runner-up in any section was so close to being declared the winner that the toss of a coin could have altered the result, the judges feel it only right to give him or her a second chance. I may be misremembering but didn't a wild card win the final one year?
  8. SCS D3 £11. Cast Hayward/Corrales. Note early start. Actual ticket, not e-ticket so anyone interested please contact me with name and address for posting.
  9. Thursday 9 May 2019 SCS D53 £6.00. It's an actual ticket not e-ticket. Anyone interested please contact me with name and address for posting.
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