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  1. Snap! Sadly however the magic disappeared with subsequent viewings and I shan't book to see it again - or at least I'll sit it out ...
  2. I agree, Jane - and I have been doing that with the two other Ashton ballets that I have never liked, namely Two Pigeons and Marguerite and Armand. However when a piece is in the middle of a triple bill it's hard to avoid unless one sits it out in the bar (as my other half did!). However I used to wonder what all the fuss was about over Month in the Country and then I saw Genesia Rosato do it and suddenly "got it". Now it's one of my favourites. And I know your feelings about Manon which I really love. It takes all sorts ...
  3. Sorry to be a party pooper but I saw the triple bill this afternoon and it just served to confirm that the more times I see Enigma the less I want to see it. I enjoy the music and designs but the ballet itself just leaves me cold. It appeals to so many balletgoers that I can only assume the problem is mine. (Puts on tin hat).
  4. In view of the effect she has on all the men, perhaps the ship's crew tried to get frisky?
  5. For something a bit more ballet traditional, there's a youtube film of Darcey Bussell and Zoltan Solymosi dancing the Tchaikovsky pas de deux. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zRLulvgeASw&t=250s Sorry, can't get the link to work!
  6. I have a sharps box with blood testing equipment for Type II diabetics. Testing is no longer required and when I tried to return the box to the pharmacy they gave me a form to fill in and send to somewhere in Maidenhead (we live in Datchet) who would apparently arrange to come and collect the box from our house. I must confess I still have the box under the kitchen sink! What with all the confusion over what can be recycled and how, plus some Councils' extortionate charges, I'm not surprised some people resort to fly tipping.
  7. We were there too but didn't see your post until we got back home. Sorry to have missed you. Did you enjoy the performance? We certainly did!
  8. We saw this at South Hill Park, Bracknell and I echo all the positive views above. A mesmerising piece performed by remarkable dancers.
  9. That is one of life's eternal mysteries ...
  10. Can I add those invisible gossamer threads strung across the garden path at face level - it's spider migration time again!
  11. You should - there will be other Balletcoforum members you may recognise and I'm sure you would be made welcome.
  12. I liked Sandra Madgwick a lot too. One of my memories of her was when she popped out without makeup or wig as Juliet when Monica Zamora's debut in the role was cut short by injury early in the show. As we had driven to Birmingham especially for Monica's debut we were a little nonplussed, but Sandra gave a lovely performance and we went home happy. Other dancers who have had less of a following but whom I remember with pleasure are Ravenna Tucker (Principal) and Chloe Davies (Soloist) both Royal Ballet. I found their soft, lyrical style very appealing. I remember Chloe standing in for an injured Darcey Bussell at the premiere of Wheeldon's Pavanne, partnered by wonderful Jonathan Cope. Although Darcey created the role I preferred Chloe's performance of it when I later say Darcey dance it.
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