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  1. Several decades ago she appeared on Woman's Hour in a series of essays on gracious living. I recall vividly her advice on the number and style of gloves necessary for a woman of fashion - one pair in particular were gauntlets (can't remember their purpose) but "because (you) don't want to look like somebody's chauffeur, they should be of suede". Sadly that's why she remains in my memory rather than for her acting career.
  2. Thanks, Dave. I've just been thinking of it as "current restrictions". Silly me!
  3. Forgive my ignorance (I have been avoiding the news lately and don't do any social media) but what exactly is this "new normal"?
  4. My only guess would be either an injury or an infestation of some kind.
  5. Nature notes: This morning the greylag geese were much in evidence - five families of varying size, one of which was particularly intriguing. The adults consisted of a greylag and a pure white goose and the four large goslings varied in colour from dappled white/grey through to full greylag. I googled it and it seems that domestic white geese are descended from greylags and they can interbreed successfully. I wonder where "my" white one came from.
  6. I saw them in Drury Lane once, ages before the book came out. Bob was strolling along, sporting harness and lead, with James Bowen and I did a bit of a double take. Afterwards I wished I had spoken to them - perhaps I would have had a verbal trailer for the book.
  7. This morning: froglets, hundreds of them making their way from the river across the path to the long grass. Quite a hallucinatory moment as I first thought the earth was moving! Tricky manoeuvre getting self and dog past them without too many casualties.
  8. This morning I heard a skylark over the wheat field at the end of the road and after scanning the sky for a few minute managed to spot it - a speck against the blue. Such a treat after the sadness when a former skylark haven of meadowland across the way was bulldozed and turned into a housing estate. Plus two swifts, first this year. I do miss the massed screaming parties we used to have but two swifts is better than no swifts at all. I don't have a musical enough ear to distinguish between the various riverside warbler songs, but there were three distinct varieties competing for decibels and persistence. Lovely!
  9. Last year a pair of pigeons nested in the wisteria up the side of our house. Their droppings all over the garden path drove me mad - and we had to delay pruning which led to people having to fight through a jungle on the way to the front door. I was much happier with the wrens, robins and sparrows nesting in the jasmine and rather overgrown clematis in the back garden.
  10. Some time ago I heard a kerfuffle in the garden, went out to investigate and had to rescue a neighbour's Siamese cat cowering behind the dustbin to escape a flock of bullying starlings. I was rather surprised!
  11. Our pair of woodpeckers have been coming to the feeders quite frequently lately but no sign of any youngsters yet. I do envy you the hedgehog - we used to have one in the garden but it disappeared years ago and since our former neighbours built an extension right up to the boundary between our gardens there's now no way any hedgehogs can get in.
  12. I can't be much help, but for what it's worth I recorded my age and location in the UK, agreed that I liked ballet, attended live performances and watched recorded performances but had little interest in opera. Then I was thanked for taking part in the survey!
  13. I am amongst the elderly and regular attending audience much despised by ROH marketing and I'm wondering if that is why the survey shut me out after a couple of questions. Not wishing to cast aspersions, but I wonder if you, being a regular attender, might have been shut out under the same umbrella.
  14. Our local council says to put it in the general rubbish, definitely not in food waste or green waste. However compostable bags can go in the green waste but some councils may not allow it, so it's worth checking.
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