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  1. The opposite is also irritating: "The invitation is for John and I". As you say, no-one would say, "The invitation is for I".
  2. Same here. I still wake up in a cold sweat remembering the agony of trying to sort out problems with our bills.
  3. Poor grammar. Contestant on a quiz show, apparently a university graduate in English and drama, claims to be a writer and when asked what she has written, says "I have wrote a play". Is it just me who wants to throw a cushion at the television?
  4. Gangs of teenage schoolkids cavorting about in the supermarket without a mask between them. No member of staff attempting to do anything about it. Several adults guilty too (not cavorting). There's a limit to the number of glares I can muster in one shopping trip.
  5. Done. What a good idea to set up a facility for a monthly donation!
  6. Tuesday 22nd Sept 7 - 9 am Oz Ballet Cinderella, as far as I can see.
  7. No problem with us - Sky Arts is on Channel 11 where it should be and the TV guide shows the programmes so we can set to record as usual. Hope you can get this sorted - it's a nuisance since the dance programmes all seem to be early in the morning.
  8. Well at last! I have now rescheduled our recordings for the second time after a successful retuning. I've set to record Australian Ballet on Tuesday 22nd 7am - 9 am (for anyone who has missed it) as a trial. fingers crossed. Apart from that I haven't seen anything of interest. And I hope Alison's right, that Rhapsody and 2 pigeons will reappear some time.
  9. We've had the same disappointing experience - and managed to clear our recording schedule!
  10. My goodness - that puts my little spat with Corgi Homeplan in its place! What an awful set of problems. It's the time, effort and stress trying to deal with it all that's the worst part. My sympathies.
  11. Update. To my surprise and delight a gas engineer came and serviced our boiler yesterday, on time, just as promised. Not only that, we had a call from Corgi Homeplan to check that he had turned up, and an email feedback request. Late in the day, but all very welcome.
  12. Can I include Corgi Homeplan here - even though not once have they mentioned the virus? I have a policy with them for boiler maintenance, part of which is an annual service. Last year it took place in May. This year in early July the boiler switched itself off. Bruce went through a rigmarole of trouble-shooting and got it going again. I started ringing Corgi to request a service. Here we are two months and numerous phone calls later - still no service. Each time I ring I'm told an engineer will contact me within 24/48 hours. Never happened. To rub salt into the wound Corgi emailed me
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