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  1. That's just typical of ducks - they don't play fair!
  2. My Big Garden Birdwatch this year was a sad disappointment. The garden has been full of birds all winter, including some rarely sighted ones such as a nuthatch recently, but at the weekend during my patent hour of watching, just three starlings and a woodpecker, that's all!
  3. ... and as we all know, trees are vital for the future of our planet. Perhaps the squirrels are rather more intelligent than we thought!
  4. How do we know the squirrels aren't just leaving the nuts where they are as a sort of safety deposit box arrangement? Who says the nuts have to be used during the next spring? I think squirrels should protest about all this unwarranted snooping into their food storage choices.
  5. How on earth do they know about the 74% of buried nuts? Is there a "Lost Nuts" division of Defra which deploys wardens to go around digging for them?
  6. I wouldn't hold your breath - it's been quite a while since it was supposed to be on and the repeats seems to come pretty soon after first broadcasts.
  7. In fact several ballets have been repeated on SkyArts within a short space of time. Sadly this doesn't include the RB Rhapsody and Two Pigeons programme which got lost on the day of the move to terrestrial when chaos reigned supreme and no-one could get at any of the programmes.
  8. So it says in the Radio Times but when I tried to set up to record it the television programme guide shows The Best of Mario Lanza!
  9. Sadly, no. My subscription has been extended by one week, apparently. I was given a link to a web page for listings but I was unsuccessful in getting at it. I didn't want to buy another copy while shopping in case the whole print run was similarly affected, so I made do with the Sunday paper listings (only to find that SkyArts listings only started at 12 midday each day so any forthcoming ballet didn't feature).
  10. My copy of Ratio Times for last week had no television listings - but two sets of pages of features, comments etc. Most annoying!
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