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  1. AnneMarriott

    Quick Quiz

    How embarrassing - I got two wrong (but then I don't think I know anything about Spandau Ballet)
  2. Good reasons for avoiding both football and social media in my opinion.
  3. I wish the ROH had explained it when I first raised the query. Their reference to refunds misled me into expecting an actual refund appearing on my credit card account - I had not thought to look back at the debits. This is obviously one of the drawbacks of online/paperless banking. It reminds me how surprised I always am when I transfer funds from a maturing savings account into a nominated current account and thence into a new savings account. No matter how many hours elapse between the transactions, even though the transfer in always appears immediately on the current account statement, it always mysteriously appears to follow the transfer out in the order of transactions at the end of business. Result? a brief notional overdraft!
  4. Final update (I hope). Having done a further careful search of my credit card statements in case I had missed any refunds, I was astonished to see that the two 72p debits had simply disappeared. I contacted the card provider who explained that Vimeo had not actually taken any payment - the debits were simply an electronic entry - so no refunds were due. I wish someone had explained this earlier - it would have saved a lot of time and effort, not to mention boring BalletcoForum readers with my woes.
  5. The full price, hence my attempts to get a refund.
  6. Update. I received a reply from ROH Customer Services quoting verbatim the information on the website about $1 (£0.72) charges to authenticate credit card payments and refunds thereof. Since my email query quoted some of the very same words and pointed out that I had received no such refunds I have now replied, rather tersely, that I thought it was obvious I knew all that but had not received any refunds. I know it's only tiny amounts but still ...
  7. Lucky you! I've emailed ROH for an explanation. Watch this space...
  8. No, I didn't because when I queried the charges with ROH they explained that Vimeo debited $1 (or 72p) to payment cards "to prevent fraudulent activity" and that the amounts would be refunded when the full cost of the streams had been debited. It's all mysterious and very frustrating!
  9. Well I'm still waiting! The full cost of the stream was debited to my account and the email containing the link to view arrived less than half an hour before the stream was due to start. No sign of a refund ...
  10. I agree. This was a thoroughly enjoyable programme but I felt that the long period without public performance highlighted a slight lack of "match fitness" in the classical items. The company looked (to me at least) far more comfortable in the contemporary pieces. Having said that, my highlight of the evening (first night) was the Ben Stevenson Three Preludes - beautiful, lyrical neoclassical steps delivered in stunning style by Emma Hawes and Junor Souza.
  11. They appeared on my credit card statement so effectively I had already paid. In the reply from the Box Office it was stated that the amounts would be refunded but how or when this will happen is anyone's guess. The cost of the streams I ordered will not be charged until a few days before the performances, in June, so perhaps the amounts will be deducted then. I wish I had known about this in advance - it was only an earlier experience of fraudulent activity on my card and the painful process of getting my money back that made me anxious enough to ask for an explanation.
  12. I have booked previous streams without this happening and certainly wasn't aware of this at the time of booking. I did ask in my query to the box office where this charge was stated and I suppose the answer was included in the link they gave - but I must confess I only skimmed through it and didn't find the relevant notification. In any case, a more upfront warning would be welcome. The main reason for me querying these two small amounts is that a couple of years ago I found two small amounts on my debit card account, one for a few pence and one for a few pounds, followed by two very large sums for petrol - far too much for either amount to fit into the tank of my modest runabout. On reporting the fraud I was told that the two small amounts were probably to test the validity of my (stolen) details before embarking on a spending spree.
  13. Having booked two stream performances for ballets in June, to be charged to my card just before the performances were due to take place, I was bemused to find two charges of £0.72 on my card for "OTT ROH". I emailed a query to the box office and received this reply: "ROH Stream currently pre-authorizes the amount of $1 with every sign-up as a way to help prevent fraudulent activity. This amount will be credited back to your account as it is only meant to authenticate your credit card at registration. Please note that this hold will always be in USD, so your bank may convert the $1 to your local currency. The full cost of the stream is only debited to your account when the confirmation/receipt email containing the link to view is received confirming the stream has gone live at the designated time. https://stream.roh.org.uk/help/subscribing/why-was-I-charged-1-after-signing-up-for-atrial Thank you for your purchase and I hope you will enjoy watching the programme online." A bit of a surprise since my card details are saved on the ROH website, but perhaps it's because I haven't renewed my Friends membership.
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