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  1. So excited ... yes for me for the first 2 weeks !!!!! (in yr 10)
  2. There were quite a few boys at white lodge when I auditioned on Thursday.
  3. Oh thank you Dizzyballetmum- that's reassuring!
  4. Hi. First time user here so here goes! I was reading thread to see if the White Lodge details had been sent out yet for next Thursday 3rd as I was starting to wonder if I had missed email! Received Elmhurst email today and my daughter is in group 3 (yr 10) so there are three groups. Has anybody received their final details for White Lodge yet please?
  5. ballerina ready for finals

  6. I'm new to the forum, I wore a black pinched leotard with a white belt for RBS SA and Elmhurst. I will be wearing the same for finals.
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