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  1. My dd went to the October Dance Forward event which was really good. She is booked for the Easter one. It has the extra bonus of working alongside some of the stars!
  2. She's just got a place so thank you if it was your son who signed up. It looks really exciting. Does anyone have experience of Ballet Cymru Associates programme?
  3. I have just put my daughter's name on a waiting list for a workshop with Ballet Cymru with Pas de deux. The organiser told me that if they received applicants from more boys those on the waiting list could also move up. The workshop is on Sunday April 17th 2016 at Newport. If you're in the South West its easy to get to and these opportunities don't come our way very often. Please have a look at their website for details - I found out about it through this forum. Oh and its very cheap £21 for the Intermediate Advanced class!
  4. Can anyone explain Da Da funding? Looking at the sliding scale if we earn nearly £70k then the student has to contribute £3k. Does this mean if the fees are £9k for the year then the student pays £3k? Can anyone recommend support for funding?
  5. Can someone explain the dada funding sliding scale. If it says that the student's contribution is £3k approximately is that per year? Does this mean that Dada pays the rest of the fees? Eg if Central charge £9k per term the dancer pays £3k (as we earn nearly 70K.

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