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  1. I would definitely be cautious about trying out many different shops in the Glasgow/ Edinburgh area unless you have had a recommendation. From experience, there are some less than desirable fitters around. Best to stick with ones recommended.
  2. Have heard from a student who has recently been at the school’s open day classes that Peter Schaufuss has a remarkably different approach to teaching and that treating dancers as individuals is a high priority. As it’s a new school it’s hard to comment any further.
  3. I would also recommend The Dance Shop in Edinburgh. Worth the extra miles. Very experienced fitters with professional dance training and a good selection of shoes. Buying pointe shoes is an ever evolving process. Feet change dramatically over the years of training and manufacturers are always producing new and higher profile shoes. Let the professionals do all the hard work for you at this stage.
  4. The final (2nd) audition for White Lodge - lower school RBS
  5. Hi. My Dc has done a couple of Summer intensives as a non- resident. The day is well structured and organised as you would expect. There are 4 classes throughout the day. 2 before lunch and 2 in the afternoon. It is an exhausting schedule and my Dc was too tired to do anything in the evening apart from a bath! There are some small events that take place in the evenings such as a film or disco which you can stay for if you wish ( just let them know at morning registration) but check park closing times at night for pick up. There is very little time that the students are not supervised and it’s all about the dancing.
  6. Have you been in contact with Penny Withers? She used to be involved with Scottish Ballet Associates and now runs the Gyrotonic studio in Glasgow. It’s definitely not an Associate programme but she teaches ballet intensives at Easter/ Summer and may be able to help.
  7. It won’t matter one scrap that you’re Dd was not looking well that day. They are looking at the photos for physical purposes only. Leg length versus body length, feet, neck length etc. Experts can also tell a fair bit about hip rotation from a photo too, although I’m not sure that’s applicable for JA photos. It also won’t matter what quality the photos are providing they can see what they need to see! Photos in your living room are fine. Your photos will be kept on file for future reference and so they can begin to build a profile of potential students.
  8. Just remembered the ‘ Tendu gel toe cap’ available from Move Dancewear. Provides protection while the toe heals. Works best on the longer toes but can be cut down to size.
  9. Surgical spirit on open blisters is agony but worth it. The blister drys up much quicker.
  10. This gives a vague indication of hip rotation but the only way to get a correct measurement is from a physiotherapist.
  11. Firstly, congratulations on your gaining your place, with finance, at vocational school. Fabulous achievement. Do you have space in your home to work out? Can you move things around? Do you have a ballet barre or can you make something that will do? David Plumpton does music for ballet class you could download and give yourself a basic class 3 times a week focusing on technique and corrections you have had recently. I wouldn’t try allegro though, unless you are lucky enough to have sprung floors! Instead you could go for a gentle 20 mins jog providing you have supporting trainers. There are also some great Pilates videos online you could try and strength and conditioning exercises to compliment your class. Sometimes Pilates and yoga classes often offer a free taster sessions if you fancy some variety. And don’t forget to rest!! So important to for your body and mind. Best of Luck for September 😀
  12. It’s a very basic ballet class. To start, it’s the standing looking at physique. A few straightforward exercises on the barre, some grand battlement and simple pirouettes in the center, jumps and bigger jumps from the diagonal. There was some stretching. As Scottishballetmum says, the JAs are dominant and will have prepared in their lessons what they are about to do. But don’t let that put you off ( especially in the warm up room, which is cramped at Manchester) Being a JA doesn’t mean you become a MA and quite a few JAs will be applying for vocational school anyway!
  13. Incredible support and organisation FlexyNexy. I am already dreading yr 11, ( especially those auditions overseas) but your post has helped. I only hope I can nail it as well as you!
  14. Black tights - it’s always over. It’s the professional way to do it. Pink ballet, always under.
  15. The sugars in pure fruit juice and smoothies can cause the liver to become grossly oversized. Remember being quite shocked at seeing a healthy liver against one whose owner had drunk a great deal of pure fruit juice all their life.
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