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  1. Linda Lowry School of Ballet - teaches to a high standard. Royal Conservatoire of Scotland also does the RAD grades I believe, for children.
  2. It might be useful to know how she uses her dance classes from an emotional point of view. Is it a form of self expression? Physical exertion? Social? Does it fulfil a perfectionist streak? Or presumably a mixture of them all? Understanding why it made her tick for so long might help to replace it with other activities or keep going a little longer.
  3. When your son is auditioning for companies, it will not matter one jot that he took his intermediate exam 6 / 9 months later than he could of. What will matter is that he has achieved the technique and strength required to make a decent performer. In fact, it is only in the UK that we are so fixated by exams. Everywhere else in the world seem to manage perfectly well without them. The challenge is, for him to understand the bigger picture, so his motivation and confidence remain intact, despite some of his classmates moving on.
  4. Pre- primary and primary are lovely for developing musicality, sense of poise, performance and fun. They are not necessary though. It’s gr 1 that’s THE most important beginning of building the foundations of good ballet technique - correct posture, use of turn out, correct use of feet and arms. Wherever she goes, try to ensure that she has plenty time in Grade 1
  5. Danielle at the Fairlee Chemist Battersea ( top of Queenstown Road). The treatment rooms are under the chemist and are basic but the sports massage is anything but! She has been treating my Dd for over 9 months now through lots of minor injuries and is fantastic! My Dd, who seems to have never ending lower leg problems, says she makes a huge difference.
  6. Lucky, lucky you! Good Luck!
  7. You do not have to show any splits in the audition. There are some simple hamstring flexibility exercises sitting on the floor with the legs stretched out in front but generally the audition is very simple - around gr2 standard. Showing confidence, musicality and a sense of performance is very high on the list of qualities SB look for.
  8. Most of the JA / MA teachers are very approachable via email and as long as you are communicating the issues as they arise they will not be concerned. Obviously if you miss too many lessons in a row without good reason and without proper communication then questions may be asked.
  9. There is Dar danse Morocco Summer School which I have heard is frequented by many British vocational students especially younger ones. We haven’t been ourselves but from what I’ve heard, it seems lovely and nurturing. There is a thread about it on this forum.
  10. Not residential or in England - so probably not much use to you but Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in Glasgow do a v. good summer school with a high standard of contemporary/ jazz and ballet. The year my Dd attended, they had a dancer from Hairspray teaching the jazz plus contemporary and ballet and conditioning each day. It comes under the confusing heading of ‘ modern ballet ‘ on the website and takes place early July due to the schools breaking up in June in Scotland. My Dd still rates it as one of her favourite summer schools despite doing many much higher profile ones, mainly because she’s never experienced such good contemporary anywhere else! There is also some of the worlds most breathtaking scenery 30 mins from Glasgow!
  11. Sarah Toner, North London, right beside Arsenal tube station. Excellent and detailed tuition.
  12. I totally agree with this. My Dd was at a 3 day holiday course at Easter. The teacher, a principal with the Royal Ballet, who taught them for one day only, asked the class to do fouettes en pointe... 16 to be precise. My Dd age 13 at the time, the youngest in her set, has never done fouettes en pointe, only on Demi pointe. The teacher did not ask the students for any pointe work history and did not try to break the fouettes down.... for example by putting some students on to the barre and giving a simplified version. My daughter did not attempt to do them, only the pirouette preparation. The teacher apparently did not notice and did not ask her why she was not attempting them. The class had varying ages of mostly vocational students and had been vetted on the first day by the organiser who had taken the ballet class. When I spoke to the organiser about my concerns, they told me they thought my Dd was in the right class for her standard. My Dd agreed that she felt more than comfortable with the ballet class but the pointe work was well out of her reach. Dancers, no matter how famous or proficient, who are not trained teachers can really miss some very important issues as this incident highlights, and which could lead to some nasty injuries.
  13. valentina

    John Mallinson

    Sad news. Thinking of all who knew and loved him. Although I didn’t know him personally, he once helped me out of a right mess I had made trying to sign in and, as others have said, his patience and kindness shone through his words.
  14. Would definitely second Centerpointe Manchester. Fabulous, high quality teaching!
  15. Most days have been a 9.30 start with one day 10 am and one day 11.30! Finish times have mostly been 4 or 4.15pm and some 5.30 if they started late. Quite a bit of variation from day to day. Class wise there is also a fair bit of variation from day to day with some days a heavy schedule and others light. All of this probably dependant on age and which group you are in.
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