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  1. Hi. The funding audition is offered to those the panel see have particular potential.
  2. Yes. All students that have ticked the ‘ would like to be considered for full time place’ will be looked at during the course. There is the chance of being offered a place there and then or being invited back to take classes with students from the school at a later date or private audition. Even if you hadn’t ticked the box, I’m sure they would still offer a place if they wanted you!
  3. Sorry, should have mentioned this is for those who auditioned for WL. Associate results come out later.
  4. I think the photos are there to both identify your Dd and will also have some influence over the selection process although probably more of the former than the latter at JA. Experienced dancers and teachers will be able to assess ( to some degree) some of the physical aspects suitable for a ballet training. They would certainly be able to note any physical aspects not so useful. However, at JA level, they take a very wide range of physiques so I wouldn’t worry! If you trust your teacher, then I would leave it entirely up them because they will know the placing the panel are looking for. What is not important is the professional quality of the photo! Whether it’s taken in your living room or studio or even garden is not going to matter at this level as long as your dc’s physique is clearly visible.
  5. The turn out disks are very effective in working the gluteus muscles which, when strengthened in the appropriate way, effectively ‘ hold’ the turnout of the legs in the outward position. Many dance based Pilates and gyrotonic teachers use them for this purpose. I don’t know where you’re based but if you can find a Pilates or gyrotonic teacher who has a dance background then they can supervise you in using them as it’s very important to maintain the correct posture while using them. It will also save you buying them, as they are fairly pricey! I can recommend a place in London and Glasgow if this is of any help.
  6. I can recommend RoyalConservatoire in Glasgow. It’s non residential but as there are no audition requirements, the standard is very mixed, so no need for your Dd to stress about being at any level, other than the guidelines are inter foundation. My Dd has done high profile summer schools but she will still say this is her favourite! The scenery around Glasgow is nothing short of spectacular too! I can also recommend the RAD summer school which again has very mixed standards but fantastic teaching. I think it’s usually in August though, so probably too late. Does your Dd do any exams in a particular syllabus such as RAD? Working at intermediate level would probably be an approximate guideline for 14 yrs. Hope you find something!
  7. The results usually come out a few days/ a week after the last audition session... usually London. They usually come out in session order, so Newcastle first, if that was the 1st location.
  8. It’s definitely not too late but taking a carefully thought out approach with excellent teachers who have a track record of student success, would be the way to go. That way, your Dd can determine if she is continuing to enjoy the training as she goes along, rather than making a quick decision now when she is really inexperienced and knows nothing of what lies ahead in a dance career. Most auditions at 11 yrs are around Gr 3 standard and ballet focused, so I would advise cutting back on some of her other classes such as acrobatics and focus on the ballet technique for the time being. Feeling confident in an audition is so important to showing herself off to her best. Starting with a couple of good associate classes per week will lead the way to vocational training ( in any discipline) should she wish. Most vocational schools take a few pupils in each year although 11 and 16 are the main routes. Yr 10 is also popular before GCSE’s start. Obviously, there are the physical aspects to consider too. Associates are looking for wide ranging physiques depending on where you apply but all with the promise of coping with the physical demands of Dance training.
  9. Boots. 2 fine hair nets (as opposed to the bun nets, which are not big enough). Wrap round twice. 2 shades of brown, black and blonde.
  10. Exams are there for everyone, if they wish to ensure a certain standard is being reached. Whether you pass an exam with a pass or distinction, regardless of the mark, a certain standard has been met and that’s the point. Most students whether at vocational or not, will be wanting those markers as they train because it is helpful to know they are on course. The mark obtained is a personal achievement and nothing that can be compared to others working with different bodies and entirely different issues. At the end of the day, no Director of a classical company or West End choreographer is going to give two hoots what mark you got for any of your exams whether it be primary or advanced, as most of the world do not take exams and manage perfectly well without them, if not better!
  11. I’ve never seen toe protectors on soft blocks as it’s just the underside of the shoe that tends to wear away. I guess that you might have them if you’ve broken them down from pointe shoes. Some students do darn them but even that is unusual nowadays.
  12. Would it be possible to stay at the old school for ballet and do Jazz/ modern at the new school? Some schools are very accommodating about pupils attending another school if it’s different styles of dance. I’m sure you’ve checked the new school credentials fully, but sometimes a school that offers ‘everything’ is not necessarily better in terms of ‘quality’ teaching. Maybe it is just time to bite the bullet and move on.
  13. I couldn’t agree more Peanut 68. Although she felt blessed that particular year, it came after 2 years of wait list and a heap of intense hard work so I hope that gives those of you on waitlist some hope. RBS, rightly or wrongly use the intensives as a sort of pre- audition. Same with most of the big schools such as Elmhurst, SAB, Princess Grace, Paris Opera.
  14. My Dd was offered a place at summer intensive after attending the Easter course. We hadn’t applied to do both.
  15. Do you mean for RBS upper school? Boys or girls? Don’t have a clue re the boys but for girls, as far as I know, only one SA2 student was accepted ( she was a student at another vocational) compared with 5 from WL.
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