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  1. The day before lockdown we humphed our dining table and chairs to a small lockup storage unit and a charity came and picked up our sofas. Never worked so quickly! We then put up the barre and laid some flooring of sorts. There’s a good space but not suitable for allegro. We still have a small seat in the corner to watch telly!
  2. The upsides of the mat is that it is non slip. The downside is that it is rather small and some students in my Dds class have found that an issue as their feet get stuck doing tendus. The plastic tape they provide helps but if you can afford a slightly bigger piece it’s well worth it. They do have off cuts which they sell half price but still very pricey. The other downside is there is no cushioning whatsoever and in fact it feels slightly harder than our wood floor. Not suitable for much allegro.
  3. I don’t believe this is hysteria at all. Looking at the intense pressure the health systems in other countries have been put under with nurses and doctors working insane hours ( sometimes days and nights on end without a break) and with a lack of necessary medical supplies too, it makes complete sense to all do our bit, if we can, to ease the pressure on our own well underfunded NHS. I’m sure we can all put our own stuff to one side for a couple of months if it helps to contain, even a little bit, the overwhelming pressure nurses, doctors, carers will be under in the coming weeks.
  4. The difference in quality of teaching at a certain establishment between boys and girls is obvious to all. Hence the reason for most boys going through the school and graduating into upper school. Nothing to do with hours.
  5. Although it tempting to conclude the international students have been hot housed, I don’t think that’s necessarily the case, at least not in a damaging sense that is mentioned above. Obviously they have had a different sort of training, possibly put in a lot more hours and had more experiences of competition and pressure. Personally, I believe its more a case of taking a seriously talented student and making the contract of teacher/ pupil work to its max, where the teacher and pupil are working collaboratively to produce the very best in that pupil. If a school knows they can adopt and consistently rely on adopting a higher standard student, then the commitment to the original teacher/ student contract may not be so necessary and the commitment may weaken. Especially where a student starts with a reasonable criteria but develops problems along the way, not necessarily changes in body shape, but other issues which need time and a great deal of work and perseverance to correct, from BOTH parties.
  6. I’m sorry, but I disagree with this. I can’t speak for MA’s as I’ve never heard of any ‘ actually’ being assessed out. I guess in any school or institution where you are not behaving appropriately or representing the establishment in an appropriate way, then you might be asked to leave. From a WL point of view, especially in yr 10, it is very clear to EVERYBODY what happens when the class sizes swell to a disproportionate size with new exclusively international students of an extremely high standard who will be ready to replace the WL students in upper school. Believe me, it has nothing to do with ‘ not representing the school in a good light’ or ‘looking or behaving in a certain way’. It is all about talented students who have received excellent training abroad and reached a higher standard.
  7. we always took a spare leotard and tights... just in case and plenty snacks.
  8. It’s very rare for anyone to be assessed out of mids. I think it has happened once or twice but usually there has been a long-standing issue which everyone is aware of long before the assessments. That’s my understanding from experience but I can’t tell you if policy has changed.
  9. No. Very rarely. If ever.
  10. What amazing and happy news! So difficult to land a contract on a cruise - she must be over the moon! Just feel very blessed you are not the ‘ other mother’ who is blissfully unaware of what really matters in life.
  11. Im sure you are right Farawaydancer re the extra lessons! But they are strictly forbidden and punishable by immediate expulsion so, although they may improve your technique, the joy and confidence will be lost in fear of doing something illicit.
  12. RBS students may be familiar with the surroundings and possibly the teacher too but that’s where it ends! Most of the students the panel will be really interested in are high brow International students who are already international competition winners and used to performing to an extremely high standard and under pressure. RBS students may well be at a disadvantage as they will have had very little experience out of their own environment - no competitions, exams or extra lessons with different teachers to gain experience and confidence. Also, being known by some members of the panel may be both an advantage or disadvantage as they may well have a prejudged opinion.
  13. The recruiting policy adopted by RBS is the direct opposite of most other international Ballet schools such as Paris Opera or School of American Ballet which only recruit from their own pupils. But much has been commented on on this particular subject.... sigh.
  14. At RBS, some students are very aware they may be assessed out from previous assessment marks/ parent teacher interview, but for some, there was no warning and it comes as a complete surprise and shock. I think there is some help finding new schools but it depends who you speak to as to how far reaching this is. Obviously the numbers of students going from yr 7 to yr 11 varies from year to year but i think approx 3/4 . However, the number ( girls) going on to upper school is very tiny indeed. One year only 2! Last year 5 ( the most for a good few years) Out of a class of 14 -17 year 11’s, that’s a very tiny percentage. Going to vocational school is just the beginning of a very long road of challenges and being aware of this is wise, which is why it’s great you asked these questions!
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