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  1. just got an email confirming Kish as the creature on the 20th and 23rd March
  2. Onegin Apollo In The Night Daphnis and Chloe Seranade
  3. I was wondering if anyone had any experience of sending letters to dancers as opposed to handing them directly at stage door? And have you received a response or autograph from them? I’d love to send some of my favourites a letter of appreciation. 😀
  4. Thanks for the reviews, everyone. Very interesting reading. I do hope though that Morera is better for her other scheduled performance on the 19th April as I’ve been looking forward to seeing her in the role!
  5. I'm still wishing they would release a DVD of the 2014 live screening of Manon!
  6. Very pleased with the season though wish it included Onegin! The Concert is one of my favourites and I hope they use this opportunity to give Bonelli/Morera the Mayerling live screening (preferably with a DVD release)!
  7. And I forgot to include The Concert by Robbins. One of my favourites!
  8. My wish list is Onegin In The Night Cinderella (Ashton) for Christmas! Le Sylphide Apollo A Month In The Country Les Patineurs Seranade Dances At A Gathering Daphnis and Chloe i don’t expect all of them but I’d love it if they did some of them!
  9. Manon casting is now up on the ROH website. so pleased to see Bonelli and Morera cast together after their sensational Mayerling!
  10. As a very recent ballet fan (about 6 moths!) this forum has been invaluable to me. Reading people's opinions of shows and learning more about different ballets has helped me greatly. Being able to come back from a show or a live screening and see what other people think has improved my experiences. I'm lucky that a few of my family members are interested in ballet as well, but i'd totally be up for meeting other members
  11. The dancers in the trailer were Artem Ovcharenko and Olga Smirnova. Not sure on all the ballets, but the 20's style one looks like The Golden Age and the military costume is from A Hero Of Our Time.
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