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  1. I may be wrong but I think someone has already started setting up a graduate company in the U.K? My DD’s did his online classes last Summer and he has an abundance of vocational students in the classes from RBS, Elmhurst, PG etc and somehow had Natalia Osipova, Begoña Cao, Xander Parish & Ashley Shaw involved? It’s likely to be funded by sporting sponsors, not the usual change in a bucket scenario? If he has the U.K. kids and top dancers/teachers on board already, it’s a logical progression???
  2. Like most, I have dancing kids at home scouring the net trying to find free classes etc to ease the pain of not dancing. I had purchased audition leotards and shoes from a small outfit in the past called ‘devoted to dance’ so follow him on insta/Facebook etc. and noticed a post offering zoom classes with Royal Ballet dancers???? My girls follow several RBS girls (he deals with lots of vocational dancers) and also saw posts confirming this so I delved further?... While not free but chargeable, he told me Camille Bracher was teaching along with Natalia Osipova? Within 5 mins my
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