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  1. My DD has just declined Elmhurst, Tring and Central so don’t give up hope.
  2. Anyone on the waitlist had an update?
  3. Please don’t be to alarmed by what you heard! While not ideal what happened, it could easily happen anywhere. Old building or new, sometimes things just happen (Think of all the flooding problems Elmhurst had.) On another note, my DD left Elmhurst at end of YR 8 to attend YDA and absolutely loves it! YDA has a very high standard. No school ticks every box but I’m sure no student does either. It’s more about choosing the right fit at the right time and if you make a mistake it’s ok, just find the other options that fit. There are many routes to the final destination and plenty of detours along the way. Don’t let any one thing be the be all and end all. I’m sorry YDA turned out not to be an option for your dd, I personally highly recommend it. It’s not for everyone though and I’m sure the girls that left YDA to attend Elmhurst are just as happy with their decision and I wish them well.
  4. My DD will be attending this year (first time) I still have to provide the insurance certificate. What have you used for this?
  5. I wouldn’t panic, and any questions you have, just give them a call to clarify. They are all very helpful. The application has birthdates as well as asking year applying for so even if you ticked the wrong box that should have been picked up. Honestly just give them a call to put you at rest and give them time to adjust if there is an error. Good luck.
  6. . Hi Cablegirl. My daughter had a straight up no didn't even get offered finals at RBS but had a yes for Summer program and is currently at Elmhurst. It does and can happen. Don't give up hope and fingers crossed for you x
  7. Opinions on pre-pointe/Demi pointe shoes? Dd is 10 (11 in July) desperate to be on pointe. Teacher wants to start with these.
  8. Happy to help, sent you a message!
  9. Sounds like it should fit! I'll message you today to arrange.
  10. I'll measure her tonight after dance and get back to you. Thanks!
  11. I'm looking for everything actually. Great, I'll look at the other posting and get back to you asap. Unfortunately I have a 6 hr time difference.
  12. I'm looking to buy some of the Elmhurst Uniform for my small Yr 7 girl.
  13. I'm also interested if there is anything left or if anything is the wrong size for daughtersdance.
  14. What do dd's wear for contemporary? My dd's classes here only required jazz shoes, convertible tights and her leotard. T-shirts and jazz shorts were optional.
  15. Count me in! Any style, colour or design. Great idea!
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