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  1. If anyone is interested please take a look at my Facebook page ‘Simply Tutu Lovely’ for wrap ballet skirts . I have some readymade or make to order . I have made quite a few for the Ballet West pupils .
  2. Just Ballet hire tutus . Take a look at their website . They have a shop based in Southend I believe .
  3. As I expected no luck with funding . I have had back 3 replies out of 17 . It seems to be only organisations are supported and not individuals or on the other hand low income families . On a much more positive note and offers from elsewhere dd has decided on one and can't wait to start in September . Thankyou all for advice & suggestions .
  4. The minimum maintenance loan students are entitled to for 2017-2018 is £3928 . Dependent on income then students could be entitled to more . I'm sure most parents have to top up the accommodation costs as I know we do for ours at Uni .
  5. For Rambert, Central , RCS and Ballet West degree's you can apply at 16 . For Laban you need to be 18 .
  6. Kat09, luckily I have my head screwed on the right way and won't be doing that . I know all about degree courses and student finance as have two at uni already . Dd may or may not have auditioned for one or half a dozen places covering degrees , HND's and level 6 diplomas but my original post was ' has anyone had experience of trying to raise funding independently' and a couple of people have said they have heard people have tried but it's no way near the amount required so I think that answers my original question. Thankyou for all your replies and suggestions though .
  7. Deposit & registration fee required for this year to secure your place required is £2250 . £1000 of that is deducted from 1st terms fees and £1000 refunded at end of 3 year course .
  8. Classical ballet is her love so no she doesn't do panto's or theatre .
  9. Thankyou for your all your replies . I was hoping there maybe a parent out there who had actually had the same scenario who may say either 'yes' it is possible to get private funding or a case of ' I tried 'but it didn't happen for one reason of another . As parents , we both work , earn a decent living and have two children at uni who we support already but 30k plus a year for fees is not achievable for dc no3 .
  10. I will do everything I can within in the next week but if nothing comes up then at least I can look back and say I have tried and dd completely understands that . It's just a shame that she's good enough to get a place but can't take it .
  11. It's a Trinity level 6 Diploma and yes they do have Dada's but unfortunately can't offer them for this years intake due to an error when applying this time round . They have scholarships but dd has been offered her place without this . Dd is auditioning elsewhere as well .
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