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  1. Such lovely news. Massive congratulations to your very determined DD and also to you, being mum isn't easy. How fabulous having four offers for 6th form. Wishing your DD all the luck in the world x
  2. Amazing news for you both xxx I've got everything crossed for a full house too xxx
  3. Does anybody know any DC attending this years Easter course at Tring ? My DD is hoping to board but I'm not familiar with how many attend/board and ages etc. Any help will be greatly appreciated before I go ahead and book x
  4. Just wondering if anybody has any upto date information on AB Year 7 Pre Vocational dance course, hours danced, genres covered etc and wether the option of additional lessons such as singing, Lamda and such like are available (at an extra cost of course ! ) ? Looks to be a beautiful school with an all round appeal. Also any info on Year 7 audition would be very much appreciated if anyone can help please.
  5. Arucaria Ballerina you should definitely try all three schools on your list. They are very helpful and will do their upmost to help. Hammond still has another prelim date coming up and Moorland will see your daughter at a time convenient to you both I'm sure. A quick email to all three will answer all your questions. Lots of luck x
  6. Thank you for your help. It seems I thought what you have also said. A friend of ours told my daughter she only just got in so I thought there was some indication of scores given at the first audition if a place was offered and if so then surely this has some influence on the funding decision xXx
  7. Hi Just wondering if anyone can help please. At the final audition for Hammond lower school are the funding panel the same panel our dancers went before first time around or is funding decided on that days audition with a whole new panel ? I'm pretty certain that first round audition for the offer of a place will have at least some bearing on any final decisions made regarding funding but have heard in the past at other vocational schools that the funding audition begins with all the children having exactly the same chance of being given an award ? Lots of luck to all our gorgeous dancers at this very nerve wracking time of the year xXx
  8. Congratulations and well done to all the yes's. We got a no. My dd will be very upset but has constantly begged me since Sundays final audition to promise I will take her back to audition again next year. I'm very proud of my dd for getting as far as she did in her first ever audition. Enjoy your celebrations everyone. I can't wait to see the production next year xx
  9. You are better to keep it to yourself Kittyjewel if it's not good news as it may knock your dd's confidence in audition. Perhaps a little white lie that you are attending the other audition to keep your options open would be the kinder wording until after her audition. I too intend to keep a no to myself as my dd has her school show this weekend xx
  10. Apologies to Balletsister and your dd for me sending birthday wishes to the wrong mum .... At least I can blame my nerves ????????. Fingers crossed your dd has the best birthday news ever x
  11. Morning all. Fingers crossed for today for all waiting. Our gorgeous girls have done so well to get as far as they have regardless of today's outcome. Happy birthday to your daughter Ballet'n'broke, hoping she gets good news on her special day x
  12. Wishing all our beautiful DD's all the luck in the world for tomorrow's results. Ballet'n'broke I hope your daughter has the best birthday ever with a fabulous result. I'm keeping quiet also as my DD has her school show this weekend, I told her we wouldn't find out until Monday anyway.
  13. On a lighter note, we can't all be awaiting " no thank you's" .......................... No news definitely seems like good news, so far.
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