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  1. I feel exactly the same @sparkle123 ! My youngest DD doesn't really understand it all , whereas my oldest DD when we went for her sisters audition was very excited - wanted all the memorabilia etc ???? So with that in mind and the fact she took a toilet break we are very much expecting a no ! But I guess there is a glimmer of hope given her teacher recommended she go along ... Would be nice to know , sooner rather than later :s
  2. Am glad I am not alone feeling the same !
  3. Ah well I guess I'll stop checking the email .. I suspect it will be a no given my DD informed me a few weeks later she needed a toilet break ! We applied on DDs teachers recommendation , but she is very blasé about it all , being a young 7. Very unlike my older DD. Nevertheless we had a fab day in Covent Garden
  4. Possibly not today after all? We are also waiting ????
  5. Does this mean London is next ? ????
  6. Hi all I just wondered if anyone has experience with Central School associates ? Ie how long results take and if they are by post or email? Many thanks
  7. Yes was lovely to meet you Tinkerbelle , it will be my dd's first rejection too ...a life lesson I guess ..:s All that said , I am hoping the masterclass will soothe the wound ever so slightly!
  8. Aw a no for my dd too ... But well done to all! I haven't told her yet :s .. Definitely will be booking tickets to watch !
  9. Having said that - If it is a no I think I'll keep it to myself until after Sunday ! Can't win really !
  10. Ok so me being impatient aside ???? Dd has an audition on Sunday and if she is successful with this, I think the idea was to postpone until the next audition session ... I was hoping to let them know rather than her being a "no show " .. I guess it is a case of waiting ... boo!
  11. This is so miserable ! I guess they must finish at 5? I'm guessing that they won't be open tomorrow either , which is the day we should have heard by?
  12. The knot in my stomach is growing by the second ! Good luck everyone ... ????
  13. Ragdoll I was thinking the same thing ...unfortunately I have to take dd to class in a few hours !
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