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  1. My mum has been making stunning ballet skirts for my 15 year old daughter to support her training, and now has her own web page as they are so popular with her friends. They are the most beautiful fabrics and things of beauty, and she is making new ones all the time! Please visit her page as they would make lovely Christmas gifts for any dancer. www.patsballetskirts.co.uk or etsy.com PatsBalletSkirts Thank you!
  2. Thank you Sarah W. We don't hold out much hope but it would be so lovely if DD got a place! Next year I think we will go all out and apply for everything!!
  3. Does anyone know how many MA's they take at RBS? And is it more likely to be children who auditioned for white Lodge too?
  4. Sorry Kittyjewel, but it was nice to meet you anyway!! Told my dd a little while ago. She is devastated poor child. Her first ever rejection for anything really!
  5. Thanks ballet n broke. DD will be v sad but on the other hand she did well up get this far in her first ever audition
  6. What a dilemma kitty jewel! Poor you. I'm telling myself that they WILL let us know any minute now ????
  7. Isn't it difficult to know? I suppose they did say by Saturday and we re not there yet. Tempted to wait a bit longer x
  8. Can't cope anymore! How much longer do we have to deal with this?!
  9. Still nothing. Thank goodness we are all able to support each other here through this torture!
  10. Our DD got through too! Can't believe it! She was on 25th 11 yr olds. Email came in at 3:15. Congrats to all
  11. My dd was also recalled last Sunday and we are finding the wait awful too! They must be waiting until today's audition rounds are finished I think. This is dd's first ever audition experience so it's all new to us. Very glad to have found this forum which has been so informative
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