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  1. Fantastic news! Congratulations - how exciting to get the phonecall!
  2. Thanks for the encouragement, AuditionIngenu! You're absolutely right. And huge congrats to your dd - she must be thrilled to bits!x
  3. It doesn't surprise me too much - it did look very authentic swordfighting! Hope Tybalt recovers quickly!
  4. I agree wholeheartedly! We were also extremely impressed by the swordfighting, and the quality of the acting in the final act by Lauren C and Matthew Ball was so impressive. Wonderful to see such a performance!
  5. Had a fabulous evening at the performance last night (Cuthbertson/Ball). It was our first visit to the ROH in person, having seen many RB relays in the cinema. Wonderful all round! My budding dancer daughter was mesmerised.
  6. Yes, my dd's first reaction to our email was, 'Well, I'll try again next year all the same!'
  7. London RBS Mids results are finally out! A no for my dd, but did anyone get an actual 'yes' for year 9? Would love to hear. Good luck if still waiting!
  8. Finally heard from London 1 - it's a no again. Good luck to all still waiting!
  9. Almost certain to be a no for year 9, but off to the ROH in the evening to see Romeo and Juliet with dd so could be good timing for cheering up!! Never been before, so can't wait! Good luck to all still waiting!
  10. Still waiting here too for London... Hopefully the suspense will soon be over!
  11. We're waiting too Feels a long time since the auditions! Good luck!
  12. Does anyone know if there will actually be any available London Year 9 MA places or are all current Year 8s continuing? (It helps to have some idea when the no inevitably comes in!)
  13. Feels like a very long time since auditions in January!
  14. So, so true! Good to be reminded of this when it feels as though they're only getting rejections.
  15. My dd is 13 (Year 8) and just about to take the Intermediate Foundation exam, having done Grade 5 last year. Some girls in her group are the school year above. Not at vocational school.
  16. I think everything is out today. We heard one friend has got to finals. Good luck!
  17. Ah thanks, not yet then for a while. Nerve-wracking waiting for these results!
  18. Any idea when the MA results will be emailed through?!
  19. Thank you! She was group 2. It's obviously always a bit disappointing to get a no, but there's always something to learn from each audition so nothing is wasted. All the best to you too!
  20. Thanks for your upbeat words on here, BalletBear! Sorry you got a no, but definitely try again next year and you'll know what to expect more then too. My dd got a no again too, unfortunately, but enjoyed the audition for the experience at least. And there's always next year! All the best with your dancing.
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