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  1. We have had boys results from Birmingham - wasn’t expecting it so soon! Will have a very happy DS later when he comes home from school.
  2. We made up a photo cushion, lots of happy family pictures to give a hug when you need one!
  3. Totnes year 4 and 5's are at 10 am. Well done to your DD
  4. Last year we auditioned on the Tuesday and had results by the following Thursday. Good Luck to everyone x
  5. There are 21 in the current year 7 Dancer123
  6. We were offered a space for ds as late as the middle of June a few years ago. We had already signed up for another Summer course and so he ended up doing 2 that year - luckily they didn't clash. Was a very expensive summer though!!
  7. No extra space for boys though - in fact even less if the White Lodge boys are now expected to attend?
  8. Last year Elmhurst gave one week to accept or decline the place from the date of offer. If you are lucky enough to be awarded an MDS no deposit is required.
  9. Emma, we don't break up from school until July 25th in Devon ☹️
  10. There are 12 girls and 9 boys at Elmhurst in the current year 7
  11. Completely different structure to the classes and very different teaching styles. Elmhurst classes are in a more "typical" ballet class style - barre, centre etc. Grades aren't really important, DS1 had only just taken grade 1 when he auditioned last year.
  12. There are only 5 in the year 4 class this year and about 10 in the year 5 class. My DS's both love the classes and prefer them to RBS.
  13. Classes are on a Sunday morning AT Lipson Community College in Plymouth. My DS1 did Year 6 last year and is now at Elmhurst and DS2 in currently in the year 5 class. It is still just ballet and not extended like it is in Birmingham. Each year group have a 1.5 hour class. Both my DS were/are also RBS JA's.
  14. When my ds auditioned at Tring last year there were approx 14 in his group, a mixture of boys and girls. I think there were at least 2 lots each audition day - morning and afternoon
  15. We got results the Monday after lower school audition last year - good luck everyone!
  16. My ds was accepted for Summer School aged 10 and 11 (years 5 and 6) so yes it is possible.
  17. Not the boys though Sherbert? They are currently age 9 and 11 but their age will be based on age 10 and 12 at August 31st
  18. Both of my Ds's wanted to apply this year and if I am reading it correctly it seems that boys can only attend the first 2 weeks of Summer School and have been split by age. If they were both lucky enough to gain a place then it seems that DS2 (year 5) will have to go for week 1 and DS1 (year 7) will have to attend week 2!!
  19. We have been lucky enough to get a place for Totnes. My DS says he never wants to be seaweed again though as it was SOOO embarrassing!!
  20. Has anyone else not heard from NYB yet? We are still waiting!
  21. Looking for boys Elmhurst uniform for September, especially formal uniform. Does anyone have anything for an average sized 11 year old?
  22. just had Totnes email about an hour ago!
  23. We haven't heard anything for Totnes
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