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  1. I have not incurred any postage or charges when ordering from Yumiko EU, even recently. Orders from Luckyleo seem to always incur the Royal Mail handing fee of Ā£8 plus customs charge. VAT is incurred if it crosses the threshold. When I last ordered from Luckyleo, there was also a minimum order value of $200 to enable delivery to the UK (Brexit related I believe) which tips you into the VAT and Customs charge category! From Australia, the charges seem more hit and miss. Iā€™d say 1 in 3 of my orders have come straight through the letter box with no charges or handing fee, the others have incurred handling and customs charge, even when similar value of goods. Hard to fathom!
  2. Just sent you pm si hopefully you will be able to reply now!
  3. Red Spice, Black cloud, Lilac Allure and Geometric Breeze still available. All other sold šŸ˜Š Open to sensible offers. All like new.
  4. I have a 9502 in T0 (similar size to Age 14 I believe), in Viola (purple) if any good!
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