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  1. Anyone have a C by C leotard, Ariel style from the autumn collection in colour Cherry for sale? Ideally Adult small, but Petite would also be OK. 🤞 Also interested in the Sylvie skirts in size Petite/Small in Storm, Dusty or Cherry.
  2. I have a gorgeous cream tutu with gold embellishment for sale. I bought this second hand from a forum member and it has been worn by my daughter twice, for a show and a photo shoot. It fit my daughter when she was a petite 11/12 year old, sadly outgrown now so looking to find a new home for it! It is not in perfect condition. There are roughly 6 of the tiny sequins missing around the skirt which are not noticeable and could be easily replaced. There is a tiny bit of bobbling in places on the sequinned section of the skirt. The top of the hook and eye fixing on the rear could do with a couple of stitches to secure it. There are a few make-up stains on the inside lining of the tutu and the shoulder straps which are not visible when worn. There is also a light make up mark on the rear right waist of the tutu. This is not visible on stage or on camera but can be seen when examined closely. These were on the tutu when we bought it and I have not attempted to clean as they were not an issue to us. I have attached a couple of photos here but happy to send more, including my daughter wearing it in a photo shoot! Would like £75 plus postage.
  3. Open to offers for these. I’d prefer them to go to someone who will use them rather than sitting in DD’s shoe drawer!!
  4. I have a brand new pair of Russian Pointe Rubin, Size Rd 35, Width 2, Vamp 2, FM shank. They have ribbons and elastics sewn but have not been worn at all or broken in. Paid £54.99. Would like £40 plus postage.
  5. My DD is a petite 13 year old and wears the Adult T0 in both the 9501 and 9502. We have a bit of a collection too (from Sheila!) and the colours and fabrics are gorgeous. Agree with Balletchauffeurstylistfan that they seem to come out on the small side. On my DD, the T0 in both of these styles is a tiny bit long in the body so I shorten the straps at the back ( quite easy with the camisole style). This also means that they are not quite as low at the front, which she feels more comfortable with. Her other favourites are Luckyleos (less classical in style but so many custom options and really pretty!!) and Collections by Claudia (very classical, nice high cut legs). Both of these are expensive options though given import charges!
  6. They do offer some means tested Bursaries, through the Du Boisson Dance Foundation which I believe cover school fees (or a portion of them) but not Homestay costs
  7. West London School of Dance offers excellent non-syllabus classes in a number of locations in West London, though most are based at their own studios in Shepherds Bush. They are the non-vocational sister school to Young Dancer Academy (YDA). YDA also run an Associate programme which runs on Saturdays.
  8. Rose and Petal now sold. This is the Stone Camelia, still available. Sleeves are white mesh.
  9. Btw, these 3 are all fully lined front and back (only bust lining is included in their express and best sellers). My daughter prefers the full lining, especially on lighter colours.
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