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  1. That's why I raised it!! It is buried in the London handbook I think, take a look and see what you think ????
  2. Did anyone else read the kids need a stretch/yoga mat for the lessons? Is anyone taking one?
  3. Hi, I phoned IDS as suggested and they do have size zero's with the printed backs in stock!!! The lady was unaware that size 1 was smallest size offered on-line so she will swop it for me ???? on the other hand, the track suit sized 9-11 looks enormous so that needs to be swopped too!
  4. Oh dear... Am going to try and get her a size zero anyway...
  5. Hi yes they do come from IDS, our local teacher said she will call them so thank you for this help and advice
  6. Hello tinkerbell!! We will see you there then! We have received the new leotard, I had to buy a size 1, no zeros available and it just looks so dreadful as way too big for her. Has anyone got this problem?
  7. Loislane

    RAD vs BBO

    Thank you, I will carry on being led by her teacher. Dd attended dance day at Elmhurst this year and loved it and I think is due to stay over next year there. How lucky are our talented children!
  8. We are coming in from Ramsgate so no fast train until Ashford, glad our train is not as early as yours! Do you know how many places are available each year group compared to how many audition? Really hard finding this out?
  9. Congrats!!! So glad I have not got a 09.30 start! How far away are you?
  10. Hi Just wondered if there are any other parents on here that are about to start their child's new JA journey in Covent Garden in September? Would be lovely to know in advance!
  11. Loislane

    RAD vs BBO

    Thank you so much everyone for your help. Dd dance teacher has suggested she auditions for BBO scholar when she is 10 as well as being a JA? Too much for one ten year old or ok? It's too much for me with all the running about! BBO is only one sunday a month as I understand it for London?
  12. Loislane

    RAD vs BBO

    That clears that up then, thank you. Her teacher locally is excellent and I don't want to move her, i did not understand what the difference was between the exams.
  13. Loislane

    RAD vs BBO

    Hi, I apologise in advance for my ignorance! My dd has only been dancing since October last year and the school she is at locally follows BBO exams. She has already done pre-primary and primary in ballet, tap and modern and gained high distinctions and about to take Grade 1 ballet on Sunday. She also starts as a JA with Royal Ballet in September in London. From the little info I know, i think RBS follow RAD not BBO so does it matter that she is taking BBO exams? Any help really would be very much appreciated. She has just turned 9 and goes into yr 5 at school in Sept.
  14. Hi Snowflake I managed to purchase the charachter skirt on ebay, after you made us all aware so thank you! Won't be long before our first day! In the brutal world of ballet, is the 'assessing out' carried out at any stage or just at year end?
  15. Does anyone know how many places were available in London for the JA's this year? Do they have a specific number or just choose who they like? I wonder what the actual chance of being chosen is out of the number who auditioned?
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