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  1. About last night…I haven’t seen Apollo since Carlos Acosta and Darcey Bussell were in it, so had forgotten how much I’d previously loved it! I though Matthew Ball was fabulous as Apollo. He has such a magnetic stage presence that you can’t take your eyes off him. I also thoroughly enjoyed the performances of the muses, particularly Melissa Hamilton. The choreography was startlingly fresh-1928?!! A quick break, then Marianela Nunez and Vadim Muntagirov! Wow! I think I cried with unbridled joy from beginning to end. I’m afraid I don’t know any of the technical terminology, but they were incredible. Their dancing exists in another sphere as does their obvious love of dancing. I was such an emotional wreck after their performance, I didn’t manage to watch Dances… I will watch it later today. 😊
  2. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading all the reviews of R&J, and have learned a great deal from them too. I’m really interested to know which dancers in the Royal Ballet have excellent classical technique. I noticed Matthew Ball’s feet during Saturday’s performance sometimes looked a bit flat when he was turning fast (apologies for not knowing the correct terminology!) It certainly didn’t detract from his wonderful portrayal of Romeo, but to my novice eye, Yasmine Naghdi’s technique looked ‘cleaner’. I was one of those who stood up on Saturday to applaud the dancers-it was an incredibly moving performance. I’m really looking forward to the live link up next week as well!
  3. Having asked you all for advice about whether to see Bonelli or Soares, I found my theatre gift card (thank you mother-in-law) and bought a ticket for Matthew Ball’s debut tomorrow afternoon!! I cannot wait!🤗 I think he’s a wonderful dancer and am intrigued to see how he portrays Prince Rudolf-with so little preparation time too.
  4. Thank you for all your advice about who to see as Prince Rudolf. I think it’ll have to be Bonelli. Hope I can find the theatre vouchers my mother-in-law gave me for my last birthday!
  5. I’d be really grateful for a bit of advice about who to see in Mayerling. I’ve previously seen Edward Watson and Carlos Acosta perform the role. I’ve booked to see the live relay, but I’m unsure about whether to see Hirano, Soares or Bonelli. 😬 I’m sure they’ll all give very different interpretations of Prince Rudolf. Any thoughts?
  6. Does anyone know how I can find the Bolshoi Ballet slot from this year's World Ballet Day? So far I've only managed to find the link up from 2015. Many thanks.
  7. How I wish I had a ticket to see the current run of Sleeping Beauty! It sounds as if there have been some exciting debuts. Did anyone see Reece Clarke's debut as the prince?
  8. Carlos. I miss him dancing with the Royal Ballet very much indeed.
  9. Sorry Jam Dancer-didn't mean to quote your entire post! Pressed the wrong button! I wish I'd seen Francesca and Marcelino dance in Fille together. With regard to him being too short to be a principal, what about Campbell and McRae? They're certainly not tall.
  10. Having a quick viewing of Darcey Bussell's Ballet Heroes-not sure about the title. I'm only up to her visiting Jonathan Cope in rehearsal. So far have been completely bowled over by Irek in Spartacus-incredible elevation and power in his jumps. How wonderful too to see Nicol Edmonds and Fumi Kaneko (hope that's right) rehearsing Romeo and Juliet. They seem to have great chemistry. I've enjoyed Nicol's dancing since I saw him in Onegin-definitely one to watch. Darcey however...presenting isn't her calling.
  11. On my way back from the 2 Pigeons' matinee. Thoroughly enjoyed the whole performance. I was very moved by Monotones-couldn't take my eyes off Yasmine. The 2 Pigeons was great. Akane's portrayal of the young girl was spot on. She managed to be funny, sweet and, I have to say, quite sexy. She never seemed spoilt or irritating, which I can imagine the character could easily become. The rest of the cast danced with great gusto-they really seemed to be enjoying themselves. A wonderful afternoon!
  12. Has anyone seen Roberta and Nehemiah dance Romeo and Juliet yet? Dying to hear about it. Interesting comments with regard to Thiago as Romeo. I remember seeing him dance Romeo a few years ago with Marianela. I was with my husband who'd never seen a ballet before, and he pointed out that the bloke playing Romeo didn't seem to be able to do the steps very well. I prefer Thiago in dance-actor roles I must confess. My favourite Romeo and Juliet will always be Carlos and Tamara....
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