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  1. Thank you all so much! I'm very excited and will definitely be checking out local dance classes☺️ Also thanks for the student room link- it's extremely helpful!!
  2. Hi everyone, I realise that this is a VERY old thread but I thought that maybe some of you would be interested to know the decision I've reached. After completing my UCAS form etc, I am very excited to have received an unconditional offer from UEA (University of East Anglia) to study English Literature which I have now accepted☺️ Thanks to all of your help, I decided that an English degree would be best for me as at UEA I am still able to participate in a huge amount of dance which will allow me to keep it up! I'm also now looking into going into English teaching which was something I had never considered before. So basically I just want to thank you all as you were all extremely helpful!
  3. I took mine on the 26th November and am still waiting for results! Hopefully they'll come soon as my teacher has results from the lower grade exams that were taken on the 28th November at our dance school but not mine that was done at HQ.
  4. UPDATE: so I went back to Dancia where I purchased my pointe shoes and I told them about my problem with my big toes. We sat for a while trying different types of padding and different combinations until we found a solution: I need a spacer in between my first and second toes to straighten out my big toe and stop my weight from being on the corner. When going on pointe with a spacer, I no longer feel any pain whatsoever and last week I was able to complete my whole 30 minute pointe class properly with very minimal pain for the first time in years. I am over the moon that I can now dance properly in pointe shoes! Thank you to everyone for their help☺️
  5. No I never had them before I started pointe work. I usually try on about 3 different makes and then a couple of styles and fits. I've tried on Bloch, Grishko, Sansha and Gaynor Mindens but only ever worn Bloch or GM. That's a good idea, I will definitely do that. I think I need to spend more time in the shop trying on the different makes and styles as they always feel different in the shop to actually wearing them!
  6. Yes my shoes were fitted with padding which could be why. I just tried on both of my pairs of pointe shoes (Bloch triomphes that I no longer wear as they are too small and my current Gaynor Mindens) without any padding and I noticed that only my big toe touches the bottom. My second toe is fairly long and so curls under a little bit but the other three toes are nowhere near the bottom. Could this be my problem that the box shape is wrong for my feet?
  7. Thank you so much for all of your advice! I will definitely make an appointment with a podiatrist and hopefully that will help. That's true, I haven't considered that. No I've never been able to dance en pointe without pain which is annoying, although my first pair of pointe shoes (Bloch ones I can't remember the style) were quite a bad fit for my feet which caused me pain. My gaynors that I have now are a lot more comfortable and support my arch better but my toes still hurt
  8. The nail beds of my big toes are really rounded which causes the edges of my toe nails to dig in and give me an ingrown toe nail when I go en pointe. Because of this I can barely stay en pointe for 10 minutes without padding as it causes me a lot of pain. I have tried various things such as cutting the nail straight across but none of it worked until I found some single gel toe covers. They provide my toe with some padding which stops it from hurting as much, however recently they have got holes in. I went to buy some new ones today and was told that wearing those plus ouch pouches was too much and it would mean that I wouldn't be using my feet correctly so the lady at the shop wouldn't sell me both. I don't know what to do because I can't go en pointe without them! Does anyone have any advice?
  9. Thank you so much for all of your ideas and thoughts! Going for something personal definitely seems to be the best idea, so I think I'll write her a thank you note or card and probably make some sort of photo collage or something☺️
  10. Those are such lovely ideas, thank you! I have quite a few pictures and videos of us together from shows and during class etc so a picture album/memory book would be a good thing to give to her. Engraving the iPod is a nice idea as well, I think she would love that! You've been really helpful, I now have a much better idea of what to get her so thank you!!
  11. So next year I am leaving my Ballet school as I am going to university. My Ballet teacher is my biggest inspiration and also like a second mum to me so I want to get her something really special. I am willing to spend quite a bit of money if needs be which is why I'm asking early! I know that she likes chocolates, wine etc but I don't feel that any of that is special enough. She has two young children that I get on really well with and who both adore Frozen so I could get like a family present maybe? I also know that her iPod that she uses for class music is extremely old (like the IPod Classic that isn't made anymore!!) and it keeps freezing up etc with a slightly damaged screen, so maybe something along the technological route? I'm really not sure what to get her! Any ideas?
  12. And at my school, the Grade 3s are around 11/12? It depends when they started.
  13. I began RAD grade 7 in September 2014 and I took my exam yesterday. I only had an hour a week class for it but I was more than prepared
  14. Yeah I think that's what I'm going to do, I've just got to wait a bit and see what feels right. I also need to visit the universities to get a feel for them all and hopefully that will help me to decide! I know that my mum didn't go to uni because she did vocational nursing degrees however my dad went to Manchester and then Warwick for post grad which is why they want me to aim for an academic course as they know I will probably be able to get the grades. I never auditioned for any vocational training as I was too old by the time I realised that I loved dance more than anything so maybe it might be better for me to do an English degree?? Thank you, it's nice to know I'm not alone! I think I'm going to do some more research and then let the answer come to me. Good luck to your ds!
  15. Thank you so much for all of your answers, it's nice to know I'm not the only one being told this! I really really love English and I think I would enjoy it as a degree but dance is my passion and the one thing I can't live without, which sounds so cliché! Having an unpredictable career scares me a lot as I like to have everything planned out and I really don't want to end up in the position where I'm not earning any money as being a ballet teacher is only a part time job, but dance is what I love.
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