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  1. Wow thank you all for the wonderful responses! I guess I'll have to weigh up whether quality of training or 'pastoral' (does it come under that?!) matters more and thanks Porthesia I may drop in for a lesson to try - I never even considered that...! Primrose, I often go into Bristol so maybe I'll look at doing some classes there before trying for LRBS to get a better feel for the Russian style... Thank you all so much! Very interesting to hear so many points of view on it! Guess I'll just see what happens !
  2. Hello! I'm new here so not quite sure if I'm actually in the right place and I've seen a similar thread but thought it might be easier to start afresh... Just wondering if anyone has had any experience of the senior vocational training at LRBS? Thinking about auditioning but still just looking into it. I've heard lots of mixed reviews... Has anyone had experience of moving from RAD syllabus to Russian? From as far as I can tell it seems quite different and for someone who has trained in purely the RAD syllabus would it be possible to adjust to Russian (or just a waste of training time which could be spent developing further in RAD styles ?) - this is all speculating whether I would even get in haha! More out of curiosity rather than thinking too seriously at the minute I suppose. Anyway, please do let me know of any experiences with their upper school! I can only seem to find more about their adult classes and junior training
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