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  1. Hi, back again! Another year closer to decisions and still not entirely sure if should even think about it!? My daughter is a good all rounder - dance/sings/drama, but is it classical ballet that is the decider in the end?? I don't see her being solely a ballerina, so what are the realistic options in year 7, and is Hammond still an option? Thanks for any helpful answer X
  2. Possibly Hammond as MT/vocal training included on timetable (if Im correct in that thinking)
  3. Thank you for replies! Another quick question, funding - how does that work and likelyhood of getting any? x
  4. Hi, Just wondering if people can give me the low down on the paper/academic exams pupils have to do for The Hammond, Trying etc. Are they just to get an idea of where that pupil is or do they use them in their decision of acceptance along with auditions? We aren't there just yet but not that long until need to consider our options. Also is it really hard to get in or you just can't tell what they are looking for - dance skills alone, vocal skills, acting abilities, all of it?! Finally, do 11 year olds cope being away from home so young? With thanks in advance
  5. Tring! Not trying (predictive text!!) Ha ha
  6. Hi guys Just interested as to what ballet/dance grade your child was at when auditioning for Hammond/Elmhurst/trying etc etc year 7 places? Just trying to figure it all out for future reference Thanks in advance
  7. michelle52


    Hi just wondering if anyone has experience of funding at schools like the Hammond. Can you get good burseries/funding without going through the music and dance awards which are soley based om ballet- if your child is talented in something other than classical dance, like singing/acting/and or dance? Thank you in advance
  8. Hi guys ive re posted this here as had put it in totally wrong area by mistake :/ Just after people thoughts. My nearly 7 year old still stands with a curved back and sticky out tummy, especially if trying to stand straight (when walking not so bad) She is petit for her age, always has been, and wonder whether its because shes not quite developed the stronger/leaner bodys like her friends, and she is a bendy girl! Her teacher seems to think she'll straighten as her muscles and spine develop and strengthen, and they will work on posture more in grade 1. Area Anyone had this with their child?? Thank you in advance
  9. Thank you everyone, its reasuring to know yours isnt the only one! She does seem to do very well regardless. I definately agree that she is a child who has to do it off her own back or Im just nagging mum I will try to just let it go and one day she may surprise me (like they often do) x
  10. Hi Im new here. just wanted to know if any other parents out there have a child who will not practice at home?? My daughter is nearly 7 and does lots of dance and singing including competitions, but she wont practice. she always seems to do ok though so am trying not to worry about it. Thanks
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