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  1. We have had studio and location shoots and both were great but the locations ones in York are stunning ! He really is fab
  2. We have had photo shoots with Hotography and he is based in York.
  3. Where is a nice pool in Leeds, this is something I thought about doing x
  4. Same problem! We are there three nights a week and need to find ways to fill time in as the car park is extortionate 😬 I have driven to a couple of retail parks and killed time there but it’s going to be a struggle in winter !
  5. At our school the kids are put forward for nothing, I have realised my kids have missed out on a lot of opportunity’s , my kids now take part and audition for programmes but I tell the teacher, I don’t ask unless it’s necessary. Im not sure why it’s not encouraged.
  6. Damedolly

    John Mallinson

    Very sad news, thinking of his friends and family x
  7. My daughter took her ballet shoes, pointe shoes, black footless tights and today she took her box, she said this evening that they aren’t allowed to wear skirts for summer school. What level will your daughter be joining? The girls were all lovely and really welcomed my daughter x
  8. My daughter had already accepted a place in the CAT scheme in April so won’t be accepting the associate place x
  9. My DD has just turned 9 and is a cygnet, she came out happy , but had no idea what everyone was apart from princes nieces?!
  10. Hi My daughter has accepted a place on the CAT scheme at Northern Ballet, can anyone tell me what they do at the summer school, we start in a week and I don’t feel very prepared! Any tips would be gratefully received, or are there any other newbies starting!
  11. My daughter and her friend were offered places this week , x
  12. My daughter is on the reserve list and we haven’t heard anything, she’s young end but my friends daughter has been offered a place from the reserves and she’s group 3. My daughter is desperate for a place! So fingers crossed for us both x
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