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  1. Hull associates e mails are out x
  2. Hi My daughter is on the CAT programme level one and still dances at her dance school, as they get older though the hours become more intense , my eldest daughter is also on the scheme and only does a couple of hours now with her local dance school .
  3. Hi I have two children on the CAT scheme , one who is 10 , it’s hard as they are different ages and I have other children as well! Expect lots of sitting in the car park and hanging around but it’s worth it, it’s a fantastic scheme! Feel free to inbox me if you want anymore questions answered 🙂
  4. I have two children on the CAT scheme and at our final audition on the Sunday we knew by the Thursday the outcome, if closing date was 19th , I think you will hear this week ! It’s so hard though , the waiting is a killer 🙈good luck to everyone 🤞
  5. Hi, I have two daughters on the CAT scheme, a young one and an older one, both love it. Pre Covid it’s a lot of hours in Leeds , my youngest at the moment is there one night a week and a couple of hours on a Saturday, it’s a shame they aren’t getting the full experience at the moment but hopefully that will change soon .
  6. My daughter wears some from cheeky wipes and seems to have no problem, they are a lot cheaper than other brands too. My daughter is a size 4/6 .
  7. I would say not all take the places, some have offers from elsewhere so it’s weighing up options like the commitment needed, also some have finals for other places so may drop out of CAT to take other places up. I would always say don’t give up hope! Some may also have had offers from associates and CAT and will maybe pick associates as it’s not as big a commitment .
  8. My girls have a studio that hubby built in the garden ( he’s a builder!) and we ordered mirrors from our local window company, so not dance mirrors as such but full length mirrors all the same, we have laminated floor , and husband made the barres using a standard wooden stair handrail . Hope that helps !
  9. Yes I got one yesterday noon 👍
  10. Hi Did anyone audition for YDS two weeks ago? And has anyone heard anything! I have a DD who’s losing her mind 😂 they said within two weeks and it’s two weeks today. X
  11. My daughter is older so is there Monday, Wednesday , Thursday and Saturday. I’m led to believe the level ones would be Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, roughly 4.45-7.45 week nights and Saturdays my DD does 10.45-6 . They also have to attend school holidays , and they actually start in the summer holidays not in September! It’s definitely long hours and a huge commitment as my daughter left her dance school to concentrate on CAT but she absolutely loves every minute of it !
  12. We got finals too for CAT! My daughter who is already a CAT took a report from her principal just saying what she was like at dance, her strengths and weaknesses and the physical checks I think were by a physio ?
  13. Thank you! Was lovely putting a face to a ‘ name’ good luck to all those who auditioned today , I don’t know how they can choose!
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