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  1. Hi, We are from the UK but currently living overseas. Has anyone successfully negotiated a residential dance school 'audition' by video assessment? I'd be grateful to hear any of your experiences of the process, or bad! Thanks.
  2. Hello, has anyone done this summer school, if so, what was your experience? http://www.professionaldanceexperience.co.uk/summerballetcourseleeds.html Or can you recommend an alternative (non-residential) one in the Leeds area for a 12 year old girl, in July or the first half of August only?
  3. Hi, my first post! I live in a developing world country with my 11 year old daughter. We moved last year and until then my daughter had been attending a ballet school in Leeds. She is very keen to continue to improve her dancing and technique. We are blessed to have 1:1 lessons from an amazing ballet teacher who also lives here part time, but she is also living in another country for several weeks at a time. I/ my daughter would dearly love some recommendations for good online or DVD resources which can help her practice alone when her teacher is not around...thanks in advance for your suggestions!
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