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  1. Many thanks to everyone who has given advice & suggestions - very much appreciated.
  2. For myself & my DD. Different dates - mostly 2 nights & 3 nights, some before Xmas, some after.
  3. DD is performing in London Coliseum this Dec/Jan. We live too far away to travel to London on a daily basis. Struggling to sort accommodation. Tried Airbnb, various hotels & serviced apartments. Any advice or suggestions would be very welcome. ????
  4. I sympathise totally. My advice is to go with changing schools, get onto the vocational roller coaster, and don't look back. That's what I did with my DD, and one year on, she's now thoroughly enjoying her new life at vocational school, 'living the dream'.
  5. I totally agree with Huddsballetmum. I would like to show high schools the comments, when I'm trying to get the Head Teacher and/or teachers to offer GCSE Dance. I was at a pre-show talk recently of LC3, and one of the things they ask at auditions is for the prospective student to talk about their solo, in terms of the stimulus and process. Something a GCSE Dance student would have no trouble doing. There are very many valuable things to learn and experience with GCSE Dance, even if the students are not going on to dance college. I too, get on my high horse where GCSE Dance is concerned!
  6. I'm really disappointed to read the posts where GCSE Dance is not taken seriously by dancers. I've been teaching the subject to Year 8+, at a local high school. The course is open to pupils from three other secondary schools in addition to the host school. As a dance professional, and qualified secondary school teacher, I feel that when the course is undertaken outside school hours, the students attend because they are interested in dance. This ensures enjoyable and productive sessions. When the course is studied during curriculum time, there are always students who think the course is a perfect opportunity to be as obstructive as possible. I dream of the year that my cohort will all have an interest in dance. One year, I was excited when I had a Royal Ballet Associate commence the course. Sadly, she didn't stay long (just one term), as she was so upset with the interruptions and behaviour displayed by the pupils who weren't interested. I really enjoy the AQA syllabus-the proposed new syllabus involves more dance and less theory than the current course. I always allow my students to choose the dance genre they wish for their solo and own group choreography (unit 4). The set dance is a contemporary piece(which is really enjoyable to teach. I favour Impulse. For the other group piece (unit 3), led by the teacher, I tend to encourage contemporary/creative dance. Also, I plan sufficient time during the lessons, for rehearsals and preparation for the exam. In my opinion It's s great course for young dancers to express themselves, socialise, be involved in problem solving activities and experience the necessary workload required for their other GCSE subjects. I hope you're able to reach a satisfactory outcome.
  7. Cherry


    I second Sugarplumsmum. Good luck to all students who are sitting exams whilst auditioning; undertaking vocational training; rehearsing and performing. You're all amazing. ????
  8. Cherry

    Host families

    Hi. I've just sent a PM to you- hope it's got through!
  9. Cherry

    Host families

    Thank you so much for responding. I'd be very interested in talking to you. I'm new to the forum, so haven't 'had a go' at private messaging, but I'll have a go later!
  10. Cherry

    Host families

    Just wondered if anyone currently has a dc staying with a host family, in Tring. Is there an agency dealing with the host families in the area?
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