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  1. I know this is a bit late, but here is my reaction to the Cojocaru/Hernández/Corrales performance on Thursday. Having seen the Royal Ballet Giselle in March this was a wonderful comparison. I have to admit, my favourite dancer of the evening was Corrales, my friend and I both thoroughly his interpretation of Akram's Hilarion. We felt our eyes drawn to him throughout the ballet, I would love to see more of his dancing. Though it was extremely fascinating to watch Cojocaru in a contemporary work, having only seen her in purely classical roles before now. I loved the different music, with snippets of the original music involved, as well as the different setting. The hunting horn was more of an alarm, much more threatening than the RB gentle hunting horn, something far more sinister. As all of the programmes had sold out, I was unable to read the full perspective created by Akram, so I had no idea about the whole refugee storyline, and in reflection the storyline was left a bit wanting, but it was still thoroughly enjoyable and emotional. I also preferred Akram's group dances in Act 1, to the repetitive pas de six in RB's Giselle, the music and the choreography was stunning.
  2. Nunez is used as an example in the RBS and in the RAD syllabus, and by Bussell in one of her documentaries as having exemplary fouettes, so I doubt she would miss a chance to show them off! I think she makes them look relatively easy and looks relaxed throughout, whereas I have seen dancers look fearful throughout!
  3. How come there have been no leavers announced? I know for a fact that Sian Murphy has now left the Royal Ballet - I saw it on Instagram!
  4. I was also delighted with the announced promotions! It just shows O'Hare's commitment to develop talent in the company. Four principals in one go - wow! Though I suppose with Yanowsky's reduced rep, Marquez leaving, Osipova's busy schedule (and frequent injuries), I suppose the remaining female principals were being rather strained. Also, with Watson and Soares doing less of the rep, Pennefather leaving and Acosta's retirement - it really comes of no surprise! Thrilled for Naghdi, she has been an absolute delight this season, and Calvert has always been a firm favourite of mine (its the arabesque). Matthew Ball - future principal for sure! Tierney Heap - two promotions in one season, how fantastic! She is an underrated talent for sure, finally being recognised. I think her Carmen was the only one that was enjoyed! She has a stage presence - something which the poor Yuhui fails to compete with.
  5. How was Claire Calvert as Hermione? From the pictures the debut cast looked particularly special to witness
  6. I watched the live stream last night and absolutely loved it!! Very excited to watch the full ballet
  7. Yeah from the angle I was Sat I could barely see the couple on the left. I'm sorry if I seemed harsh about Crawford, I guess I was mainly watching her as the main couple! Yet all in all, an excellent performance!
  8. Only just been able to post my response to Giselle on Wednesday 23rd March with Cuthbertson/Bonelli/Calvert/Gartside - sadly working in Tesco means that it has been a very busy few days! I was astounded by Cuthbertson and Bonelli - I have seen them in different productions, but they seemed to be on a new level of acting and technique! Maybe because the only Albrecht I have seen was Carlos Acosta with Osipova, Bonelli's technique seemed infinitely better. But I actually found myself more moved by Cuthbertson/Bonelli then Acosta/Osipova. Calvert was also amazing, a fabulous Myrtha, you could almost fully believe she was in control of the Willi (the corp being amazing as always). Cuthbertson was lovely, lyrical arms, moving acting, superb technique. All in all the performance was fabulous! The only bit that bugged me was the Pas de Six - Harrod/Ball, Hinkis/Donnelly, Zucchetti/Crawford. They were all fantastic, except Crawford, extremely wobbly and shaky, I guess it stood out more because everyone else was confident and perfect! Also a little shout out to Olivia Crowley as Bathilde and Gartside as Hilarion - great acting, with some little nuances that could only been seen by those lucky ones in the orchestra stalls. Gartside, as seen on his Twitter and Instagram has been "getting back into shape" with the help of Brian Maloney - and bravo, he was fantastic!
  9. That sounds like a perfect Pas de Six! As I'm going to see Lauren & Federico on 23rd March, I hope I get to see them!
  10. Intrigued by the rehearsal photos that I have just seen on Flickr. The three Myrthas shown are very exciting to be sure! (Tierney Heap, Claire Calvert & Itziar Mendizabal). I think the casting of Myrtha can affect the entire performance of Giselle - so I will be happy with any of the three! (I am booked in for my first Royal Opera House visit on 23rd March - all previous ballet shows from Dvds, live stream & tours).
  11. After seeing a clip of La Bayadere on Youtube, I can't help but try and picture future casts of this production at the Royal Ballet in the years to come. Current Nikiyas & Gamzattis: Nunez, Morera, Calvert, Choe, Kobayashi, Lamb, Osipova (though not in RB version). Potential debuts: I can certainly imagine, Hayward, Kaneko, Naghdi as Nikiya - opposed with Calvert or Mendizabal as Gamzatti perhaps? Then for Solor - there are many fine danseur nobles rising through the ranks: Campbell, Ball, Clarke, Edmonds etc etc. Now that the Principal ranks are looking quite depleted, and that Two Pigeons has displayed some fabulous talent in the soloist, first soloist ranks. I personally find myself choosing the debut casts as my favourites at the moment. (THough I would never turn down a chance to see Nunez & Muntagirov).
  12. out of curiousity, did anyone see Tierney Heap's debut in the Arabian Dances?
  13. Well Reece Clarke & Matthew Ball! I can see both of them flying through the ranks.
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