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  1. I had an email for the older group but it went into my junk folder so might be worth checking
  2. Jason Thomas is great for ballet along with lots of other styles, they get lots of students into vocational school and have fantastic teachers! My Ds goes to a school in Plymouth but had some private lessons with Jason before his final auditions, he said the lessons were really good and was then offered a scholarship to Tring!!
  3. Ds was offered a scholarship to Tring yesterday. In complete shock!!!!!
  4. My ds is in the same situation after a no from elmhurst and no funding offered at Tring. If anyone can recommend any foundation courses that are still taking applications I would be very grateful.
  5. We had a letter today after auditions on 30th, DS through to finals for upper school :)
  6. Hello. Does anyone know if you can apply for tring sixth form if you didn't get in first time, my ds was unsuccessful for entry this year but will obviously be a year older than the sixth form starting age this time round. Thank you
  7. I believe you need them, I don't know anything about pointe but the ballet teacher says he has to have them
  8. We buy black ribbons and elastic, you need a sharpie permanent marker to colour them and they look as good as buying them black
  9. My ds is 16 and does pointe classes with the senior girls at his dance school. His teacher thinks it is good for boys to know what the girls have to go through!! She thinks it is also good for strength. We buy pink ones and he colours them black with sharpie marker pens. He is the only boy that does it at the moment and he enjoys it, I think he just likes to get the extra lessons as they do seperate pointe classes
  10. My ds got a no from elmhurst, I was amazed when I told him that he was actually really relieved, he told me he had been terrified that he would get in as the reality of leaving home had set in and he just isn't ready!!! He is keen to try again next year as he thinks he will be more ready to leave home by then (he is only 15 now) he is looking forward to summer school and says he knows he has to work even harder now for the next year. Amazing how things turn out!!
  11. TBG your dd must be doing the same eyb as my ds:) we are waiting for upper school results!!
  12. wishing the very best of luck to the girls auditioning at elmhurst today :)
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