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  1. What a cavalier and rather quite selfish comment! Safeguarding of young students health let alone the fact they too have worked hard and been at rehearsals for months even for their small roles played should not be dismissed out of hand. I am sure you will enjoy many more of this artists forthcoming appearances !
  2. I read all of the above with interest. Having teenage daughters in dance it is very hard to navigate all of the above. Social media is a huge part of their lives whether we as parents like it or not we cannot protect them from it. Kindness, appreciation of others hard work and talents should always be promoted and blaming socia media or indeed a schools campaign to attract further talent can not or should not be sited as a reason for a dancer to walk away. In my humble opinion we parents seem to be the last to know or sometimes recognise when their child has had enough of dance as the fear of disappointing their parent is all too real. I have also noticed that some ballet parents seem to want this life more for their children than they do themselves which is hard to watch also and thus often they miss the signs of when enough is enough. Body shape changes, the need to dance changes other priorities take over. The mental health and happiness of our children should come above all else. Be Kind is the only message needed to all. Sorry Soap box moment over!
  3. I agree, personally I think it is hugely disrespectful to turn up to any school in another schools uniform claiming you want a place at that school! My husband a-likened it to turning up at Man Utd for a trial wearing a Man City kit!🥴 Im not sure of parents thinking behind it as the white JA leotards are not exactly flattering! These schools take what they want regardless of whatever uniform they are sporting!
  4. It is also worth knowing that a few of the places gained by the second round of auditions last year had previously been given a no, so as already stated anything is possible! Best wishes to your steadfast friend!
  5. Pointytoes


    Our JA teachers are always so nice to soften this process. They are wonderful !
  6. Pointytoes


    And the fact some had to be seen later in the week as did not make the audition weekend due to the snow!
  7. Pointytoes


    All children still leave the aforementioned process knowing they could be a yes but ultimately still a no, but that status is no different from their arrival! This in no way changes their achievement of getting this far.
  8. Pointytoes


    The ballet world is a brutal business. Too many people send their children into it with a romantic and idealist view. It is important that they learn this sooner then later if they stand any chance in such a competitive business. There isn’t anything indiscrete about the process at all, the checking process could be something very minor and ultimately parents should welcome this. A yes is a yes however the decision is taken. The urban myths of a brutal process must rather be seen as a meticulous one rather than dramatise a much needed procedure. The term ‘ living the dream’ should be put to rest but enabling young artistic atheltes to pursue an obsession perhaps more realistic. There will always be bumps along the way. We need to enable our young dancers to be resilient to compete post 16 and mentally strong, not wrap them in cotton wool!
  9. Pointytoes


    There is the million dollar question!There were a limited number of girls last year who were not needed in call backs with a definite yes. The call backs were made up of pupils with something to check. Some of these call backs ended up as no’s and the rest yeses. You could speculate forever! No call back means they are very clear about suitability for their training. Good luck to those waiting.
  10. If there were more it must be remembered some girls were auditioning for other years.
  11. Last year there were two groups indeed of year 7 girls on rotation throughout the day but there was definitely not more than 35 to forty girls in attendance. Some had dropped out. I cannot comment on the boys sorry.
  12. Hi , I Can perhaps help with both questions. Last year there were approximately 30 pupils auditioning for year 7. The current year 9 is one of the largest year groups. I can’t comnent on availability of beds as some years have more pupils than others but Elmhurst seem to have the ability to find space if they need it and usually try to fill their MDS spaces. Hope this helps.
  13. I agree these vocational students do cope well in general with appraisals especially when you read the Frenzie that happens each year on here trying to find out if there are beds, places etc at White Lodge. I have a child there and I still find it incredible that parents are hoping their children gain a place by discussing beds, spaces or assessing out. If they want your dancer they want them and that is it! No point in going round in circles. There are many paths to Rome and it’s all hard work!
  14. Not sure, Birmingham girls results are out for year 7.
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