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  1. Thanks richieN. Are they every week?
  2. Can anyone tell me what time the MA classes take place in Manchester please? My dd has been offered a place from SWL and I’m just trying to work out if we can accept due to other commitments. Thank you 😊
  3. I have two spare tickets for tomorrow night’s show if anyone on here wants them? Send me a message x
  4. My dd is already a JA in Birmingham and will be going into Y6 in September. They haven’t told us the times yet but I think it may depend on how many sessions you are allocated (there are two classes). Well done to your dd!
  5. I honestly don’t think there is any way you can guess what they are looking for. My dd has that classically tall ballet look, with long thin legs and at least a head taller than her peers. However there are a wide variety of body types in her JA class; some like her and others who are tiny with more athletic shapes. They are all lovely to watch whilst dancing but again have different strengths and qualities (some perfect technique, some very flexible and others just that certain something that makes you want to watch them) so I presume RBS see this and select those they like but who basically fit various criteria. Please don’t be disheartened if you have a ‘No’ this time. My other dd was never a JA (or an associate of anything) but is now at vocational school and doing very well 😊
  6. Some Birmingham results are out as I’ve just heard from my friend that her ds didn’t get a place. Good luck to all of you waiting x
  7. Have you still got the spare ticket Peanut? I have one already but rubbish seat as I left it too late
  8. Thanks Balletmum55 that's really helpful. I will definitely go for age 7-8 then!
  9. Can anyone tell me if the JA tracksuits come up big or small please? My dd is only 8 but tall for her age and skinny! Not sure if we should order 7-8 or 9-11?
  10. I've just found out that my little dd has been offered a place. In complete shock!! Sorry for all the no's x
  11. My dd is in Y8 and some of the children in her RAD class are also taking a mock exam this week. It is for the Teachers to assess if they are ready for their real exam, which I believe is taking place in November. My dd is not doing the mock as she only moved up to that class in the spring and therefore isn't ready yet. I'm sure it's the same for Y7 as well. Hope that helps.
  12. My dd hasn't been ill yet (unbelievably!) but unless it is anything serious they stay at the boarding house and are looked after staff there.
  13. Eowyn

    Opes - first week?

    Yes my 12 year old dd is attending the first week. She's excited!
  14. I completely agree with you littleballerina. My dd is at a vocational school and surrounded by children who are ultra flexible and pushing their bodies into all sorts of strange positions. The teachers apparently tell them to stop and explain how it's not good for their development, but dd says they do it anyway when they are out of class and she sees it all over Instagram anyway! I don't like it but do feel that unless you are going down the classical route these kind of moves are becoming the norm and young dancers are expected to be more versatile than ever.
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