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  1. Hi. Is this Manchester or Leeds NB ? Thanks
  2. Thanks BlueLou and Janet for the information. Will send email I think and see what happens.
  3. Hi. Do you have to get permission or wait be asked to audition for the CAT programme if you are already on their associate programme? Not sure how it works. Thanks.
  4. DD has been offered a place! Delighted
  5. Big 'Well Done' to your DD :-D
  6. Has anyone declined their associate place? I understand there were various auditions for other schools/programmes also happening at the same time. We can get feedback tomorrow so hoping to find out more. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi. It was for Inter. It was her very first audition so we had no idea what to expect so I guess she did well getting on reserve list. Can always try next time. Good luck to your DD with CAT next weekend. Thanks.
  8. Hi. Please can anyone help or offer advice. My daughter has just done an audition for JA at Northern Ballet and has been offered a place when one becomes available but is on the reserve list. What realistically are her chances of getting a place. Has anyone been in the same position? Thanks.
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