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  1. Yes i am very lucky to have been offered a place already, i sound quite closed minded but I do like Rambert because of its balletic contemporary style, is the ballet standard good at Rambert?
  2. Thank you all for your replies! Rambert seems like a very good school, as I am only 15 I am still too young and i still feel young to go as I have stated in my initial post. I was also wondering where the students stay if they are not living with their families in Richmond?
  3. Does anyone know anything about rambert? Is it hard to get in to? how many audition usually? What do they look for?
  4. I went for an audition at Rambert at the beginning of March. They were interested in me and would hopefully like me to start there in September 2016, as I am too young for this year. I have questions about the school. 1. How many people apply for the school and get accepted? 2. What is the likelihood of becoming a dancer in the future if I go to Rambert? 3. What is the background? How does the school work? 4. Are there any scholarships or ways I could have a reduction in my tution, as I am an overseas student?
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