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  1. As soon as the first act was over, I stopped my YouTube screen to look her up. I usually do not enjoy Stephanie/Rudolf bedroom scene. This time, I could not take my eyes off from her.
  2. When I first saw Fumi dancing as one of corps members many years ago, I momentarily thought Miyako was somehow back on stage. Then I realized Fumi was taller than Miyako. However, Fumi's grace, technique, and her arm movement continued to remind me of Miyako. I was always certian that something wonderful would eventually happen to Fumi one day. I am glad it did.
  3. I saw the movie today. I think McRae should stick to dancing; I really wish I had not heard him sing. I am saying this because I know he could be wonderful in certain ballet roles.
  4. For someone living in the US, it would be difficult to discuss the past 19 years of dance without referring to Justin Peck. His pieces have been picked up by several US companies, as well as Paris, I believe. Now he is choreographing for Spielberg's West Side Story. Hope his name will surface in London at some point.
  5. I saw Yoshida and Mukhamedov in "Sleeping Beauty" at Orange County Performing Arts Center in California many years ago. That got me "hooked" with RB. I am forever grateful.
  6. I will be traveling from Texas to London to see Takada in Manon. Her Act 3 Swamp PdD was extraordinary last time. I still do not know where that power had been hidden in this very polite, well-mannered, young dancer.
  7. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/marcelino-sambe-royal-ballet-dancer-kevin-o-hare-carlos-acosta-f3tzm78h7 Marcelino Sambé: Troubled child who made the leap to principal dancer at Royal Ballet Is this now official?
  8. Corrales, Sambe, Hay, Ball. It was a fantasy evening for this gay ballet fan (and I am assuming it worked the same for ladies as well). And, of course, Avis!!!
  9. I was there tonight as well. I do not know how many different Tybalt's I have seen in my life, but Hirano was one of the most effective. I found myself somehow rooting for Tybalt in his sward fight scene with Romeo. Well done.
  10. Best: Francesca Hayward in "Manon" Worst: Harlequinade, ABT
  11. Thank you. I am looking at last-minute flight deals from Houston to London around Oct. 20, before the half of Liverpool buy up the remaining tickets.
  12. Will Matthew Ball become the youngest dancer to perform Rudolf at ROH?
  13. Crown Prince Rudolf. With 6 ladies. Need I say more?
  14. According to pre-curtain announcement, Reece Clarke was out for "injury" tonight. I have a ticket for Monday matinee.....
  15. I happen to have Manon tickets on May 1 (Campbell/Lescaut) and May 5 (Campbell/Des Grieux), so it will be "Campbell week" for me. I am very much looking forward to it.
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