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  1. Thank you for the replies and I will show dd that clip it is great!! Thank you 😊
  2. Morning all, I’m hoping someone will be able to understand what I’m trying to explain and then offer some advice or ideas to try, here goes.... My DD is 12 And hasn’t been dancing all that long but over the last couple of months the teachers have been working with her a lot on techniques to help with her elevation and we have noticed that she runs, jumps, leaps etc very flat footed, as in lands things on a flat foot (almost heel first actually) she doesn’t land on the ball of her foot and control the landing down through the foot, she just slaps the whole foot down. This technique in turn hinders her ability to get any decent elevation in her jumps as she looses a lot of power in the run/skip upto a leap. Even doing exam work and doing repetitive little jumps (I’m a naff dance mom and don’t know terms!!) she jumps, lands flat, jumps, lands flat.....so she looses the “spring” that working through your foot would give you. Plus she sounds like a hippopotamus dancing (her words) as she lands everything by slamming into the floor with her whole foot, which worries me about damaging her legs and knees as there is no cushioning, I can land jumps quieter than her and I’m no dancer!! I was trying to explain to her how to land the other night and we stood next to one another and just bounced on the spot, I hardly had my heels touch the floor as you tend to just go up and down on the ball of your foot and was virtually silent but she slaps her feet down meaning she was slow, loud and not very graceful 🤪 Just wondering if anyone has had similar issues and can offer tips or advice really, and I hope I’ve explained myself okay and not just waffled on 🤣 Thank you so much.
  3. Without being the pessimist in the room can I just make a few statements from a personal level about what I consider important when thinking about moving schools, it’s a very big decision and these are just my opinions but I’d like to share, whether you choose to take them on board is of course up to you lol..... 1)Please please please remember that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side! Think very carefully about leaving a school that you are happy at, even if your not 100% happy that your getting everything you want from that one school, sometimes staying putt and trying to top-up or supplement current training is a much better option that uprooting and going to a new school. 2) Just because a teacher is an associate teacher or ex-professional doesn’t mean they know best. Obviously they are very experienced and their advice should be taken onboard and considered but think carefully about how well they actually know you, as a person and as a dancer, because advice isn’t a one glove fits all kind of situation and sometimes their best advice given to someone that they don’t have a good understanding of can actually be very detrimental to a young dancers training!! If you feel a close connection to them and feel that they fully understand you as a person, then by all means listen to them, but if that close personal connection isn’t there then think carefully before acting on their advice!! Especially as most associate teachers see you but once per month...how well do they really know you in comparison to a teacher that works with you on a weekly/daily basis. 3) Think very long and hard about what your gut tells you, if there is any doubt about a school, teacher, advice etc than stop and think about what those uncertainties are and where they are coming from before going full steam into something. 4) Ballet, ballet and more ballet isn’t always the answer.....even for someone who dreams of being a ballerina!! Keep your options open and your styles varied, and always remember that passions can change and life can throw a spanner in the works occasionally, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. 6) Similar to point 2 really but don’t assume that the big names or the most well known schools are always best, sometimes they’re not!! Many people fall for the kudos that comes with being a pupil at a certain school or associate programme, but if a school isn’t the right fit for you then it doesn’t matter what name is above the door it will not bring out the best in you, you have to be 100% happy somewhere for it to bring out the best in you. 5) Above all else you are the expert on yourself, you know how you really feel, what you want, how you connect with a person etc so take on board people’s advice but ultimately you need to make a decision that you know in your heart is what’s best for you. Trust your instincts, be happy and love to dance for dancings sake and I’m sure your future will be very bright Good luck x
  4. Hi all yes we have been now and dance was much like the first audition and as others had advised, the interview was more of a friendly chat and very relaxed. They did talk with dc first and then invited parents after. Thanks for all the replies!!
  5. Thank you for everyone's responses it's made for an interesting read!! I appreciate everyone's input!
  6. I'm not sure where they originated to be honest but I seem to recall being told it was a British examination board started by the a group of tap dancers like Grace Kelly and Fred Astaire. Their headquarters are U.K. Based, if you google AAD dance their website comes up (I may have to go and have a read up myself actually!) I am truely surprised by how many people haven't heard of them, they seem massive to me and hold an annual awards day at the winter gardens in Blackpool and there are always hundreds of dancers involved!! Thanks for the breakdown of the RAD grades, and I've found this thread really interesting so glad I started it now!!
  7. Just wondering if anyone can help me out here, my dd takes AAD exams and teacher has told us that their exams are much harder than RAD and this is reflected in the grading requirements. For example dd last AAD exam was marked at 94 which is Honours whereas with RAD apparently 94 would get a higher mark such as distinction, meaning it's harder to get such high ratings with the AAD as the mark thresholds are higher. Dd has recently started taking RAD exams and I have no idea how their grading works, marks required for level of pass. So I was hoping someone could break it down for me. I'll post the AAD requirements below for anyone interested and this is all just down to idle curiosity, but would be nice to know what to expect from the grading system when she finally takes her RAD exam so a comparison would be helpful. AAD requirements- Under 65 - FAILED 65-68 - PASSED 70-75 - PASS PLUS 76-79 - COMMENDED 80-89 - HIGHLY COMMENDED 90-95 - HONOURS 96+ - DISTINCTION sorry if I've not explained myself very well or used the correct terminology, I'm sooo not a dance mom yet ?
  8. Birmingham for the contemporary side, thank you
  9. Can anyone advise what to expect from the parental interview in the final audition for the CAT scheme please?
  10. Results are out! Reserve list for my friends dd going for your 9. Good luck everyone x
  11. Thank you everyone, some fab ideas!! We have a dc that does Avatar with the blue face paint too, I don't envy her one bit having to do all that at festivals
  12. Yes I've seen a few air hostesses and waitresses, it's quite hard to think of something original!!
  13. Also......what on earth is a flop?......off to YouTube I go lol
  14. Omg I can't believe people actually use these?! Very scary looking!!
  15. Thank you, I haven't seen or read that I'm afraid! May have to watch it now though lol
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