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  1. Talking about the filming....I saw the hip-hop section (need to catch up on iPlayer) & was frustrated at how they zoomed in so much. We missed a lot of intricate footwork I think & also could not appreciate the bodyline & movement about the stage which was important to gain a sense of the pieces. Also, whilst amazing to see some of the wonderful acting skills & facial expressions (esp. from the outstanding 'crumper' - boy, that was new to me!) I felt this perhaps gave us an extra dimension to what the judges were seeing from 'the best seats in the house' & may lead us to question their judging & choice of winner.....I wish they could just plonk a camera in that best top price seat whenever they film dance....they do seem to have limited close-ups in recent RBS live screenings & I truly do get the sensation of sitting in Covent Garden - a rare once every 10 years perhaps treat......Once I have closed my ears to the popcorn munching that is!!
  2. Hello again....just wondering if anyone here has heard if any re-available places having been offered to waiting listers for White Lodge Summer School? Been a couple more weeks since last I enquired so just curious (as well as hoping my DD could get that dream email!!)
  3. Thanks for updating us all.....I wish all with places every success & enjoyment!
  4. Gaynor Minden tights come in at least 2 shades...there is a corally pink & another more pastel....might be worth testing on back of hand to see if one suits better than other - they are nice & stretchy, wash well & last better than many which helps offset the fact that they are quite expensive....tip, as a short adult I buy large childrens rather than adult small....cheaper & VAT free!
  5. Nor me...might these recent offers (& congrats to all!) free up any places at Tring/Hammond I wonder???
  6. I do wonder now if ballet is deemed more of a sport than an art.....perhaps funding now should be from the sports budget than from culture & arts....I suspect there would be more funded places to train children vocationally then!
  7. That symbol was meant to be a 'b)' - still no idea how this predictive stuff kicks in....mind you I am pretty much a technophobe!
  8. Hello - hope you do not mind be joining this one....my DC currently boarding at Tring but to enable them to remain we may need to see if we can reduce costs significantly. I would be really interested to know a) what age Tring Students any host families might take on would it generally be weekly boarding or follow regular school set up with exeats etc & c) how much If anyone can shed any light - even guessitmates on price - it would be really helpful. Thank you!
  9. Melody - you put very well my own thought so this! I think you almost see so many identikit kids in class.....perfect turn out, perfect technique....but will any of their Romeo & Juliet performances make you cry down the line I wonder?
  10. DD thrilled she will get to experience Elmhurst at SS. As it's a good 4-5 hour drive have booked the Hagley Road Premier Inn for the Tues night - it is close by if driving (& cheaper as has on site parking). I booked & got a good rate by paying now.
  11. Wondering if any on the waiting list have had the call up yet for these re-available places? My DD thrilled to get Elmhurst SS which is at end of Summer Hols.....if she were to get that magic place at RBS course at the start of Summer too that would make her so happy & be such a much needed confidence boost too!
  12. Not sure if anyone has already suggested this..... another way to help keep the heels of ballet shoes in place is to use a blast of strong hairspray direct to back of heel when wearing tights (spray holding can/bottle about 4 inch away from foot). I used to find this really helped create a temporary 'bond' between tight & shoe & kept them in place without extra sewing (or as additional reassurance after sewing on elastic) I should add - maybe try sitting at home in tights with heels sprayed first just to check there is no adverse irritation/skin allergy to the spray before trying for a dance session!
  13. Well - I was second to back row of second circle with my daughter - her first time to see such world class performers live - & it was so well worth the £25 ticket price! A stunning night & for such a good cause. Testament to the high esteem that Anne Maguire was held in that such a worthy Foundation & such an amazing fundraiser can have been established in so short a time after the terribly sad loss of this lady. What strength & what amazing vision from Emma Maguire & all other family, friends & supporters.I very much hope to support future events as I am sure this will be repeated. There was such love of dance & music emanating from the stage & auditorium alike - truly inspirational. Thank you.
  14. Try movedancewear.com - I got a pair for my daughter early December when out of stock everywhere else. Not her first choice colour but the ballet pink & she is happy with them. You could also try Dancing Boutique in Tunbridge Wells - shop & on web....they supply a lot of the vocational schools.
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