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  1. oooh looks like I have plenty of places to look into then! I've heard of some of these places, but others I've heard nothing about till now! My personal tutor, as I said, focuses more on university courses and musical theatre courses when giving us suggestions as that's usually the norm within college, should have joined this site sooner! In terms of my physique, I'm sure I'm just being silly worrying over it considering Rambert asked for pictures and height/weight details in the application form...so I'm sure if there truly was a problem they wouldn't have looked at the pics, and then still given me an audition. Shall see how it goes! Thanks again to all!
  2. Thanks everyone, and to those who sent me PM's instead Yes it's true, I'd really lose nothing in trying! I'm not too sure if the courses I've been accepted into are to the level of Rambert, it's mostly BA hons in dance and contemporary dance courses affiliated with companies delivered through universities. I applied for five through UCAS and have so far auditioned and been accepted into all five. Rambert seems to be of a much higher level. Thanks all for the suggestions of other places to try for! I shall certainly have a look into all of them the only thing really restricting me is finances...I come from a working class home and have a now single mum paying for everything. I also live on Anglesey in Wales, in an extremely isolated village...so getting a job to help my mum out is a daunting task for me, I've been trying since I was 14 to get one but transport, my schedule and such just doesn't agree with me getting one at the moment. The Ballet class in college is a mixture of grades suited to help us within auditions be at adequate level as the majority on my course will move on into musical theatre or commercial dance. So Ballet is a foundation for the dancing, but not exactly seen as the most important which can be annoying, but as we range within levels of dancing it can be helpful at times! So I value those classes as much as they annoy me. I get private classes in Grade 6 at a local school from a teacher who trained in London as well (though where I just can't remember right now...I have an odd feeling it was Central) we do Grade 6 as she believes it pushes her students a bit more than intermediate does most of the time (especially with barre work) On top of this I take two adult ballet classes a week and a senior ballet class. Unfortunately college is the only place locally that does Contemporary classes and only as part of the course, not as extra classes. I'm a bit worn out, and REALLY enjoyed my christmas break, but I still don't feel like it's enough sometimes and just want to dance everyday!! haha. One thing I'm confident I have, regardless of whether I'm technically good or lacking in training from my youth...is passion for it. I have the drive and passion that just keeps me going constantly, and I know that's got to be worth something! So yeah I think I'll go for it Thanks to you all for reassuring me that I should!
  3. Hi there! I'm new here and joined with the purpose of asking this question I'm a male dancer, just turned 18 and am on a dance course with my local college where I study contemporary and ballet with a mixture of Jazz and more commercial dance styles, and the odd urban/street things (an all rounded course really). I was late getting into dance, at about 15 I joined my first Ballet class and that's where my passion lies...I can get into urban and street style dance if needed for college but I much rather doing contemporary or ballet specifically. I wanted to dance all my life, but financial issues and the fact that whilst growing up the closest dance school was a 45 minute drive away held me back (that plus my father being dead set against me being 'girly' and doing *shock!* ballet!) I kept my passion by watching dance movies, and dance tutorials on Youtube and such and joining in with performing arts workshops in school. Now my lack of training having only been dancing for about 3 years or so now leads to the fact that I'm not exactly a perfect dancer and I have a lot of flaws in my technique that I try hard to batter out of me everyday. I do work hard in comparison to my the other students in college, as I put in extra time in the studio during lunch and break hours, as well as staying behind after hours. I've been auditioning for contemporary courses, and have successfully been accepted into a few now...however I wanted to keep my Ballet passion alive, and so took a chance and applied to Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary dance. I never thought I'd even get an audition...but I did and it's on January 27th which isn't too far off now... It would be my absolute dream to get in, it's the type of school I've wished to be a part of since being a young kid and since finally taking control of my own life and joining dance classes, it's all I've hoped for. But I'm starting to have doubts...for a number of reasons. I'm not a Ballet body type, far from it. I'm short, I'm fat. Luckily I have long-ish legs which are strong, but the rest of my body is just...urgh. I just feel like it might be a waste of the school's time, my time, my money and my self confidence, to audition for somewhere that I may not even stand a chance in. I feel like I have nothing going for me, I don't have the 'look' of a dancer and my technique is in serious need of hard training to get to the level of some of these individuals that have danced all their life. At the same time though, would I regret not going? And dwell on it all my life? So I come here with these questions off the top of my head: - Do Rambert expect a certain higher level of ballet training in their boys and if so, how much? - Do they look at body types and judge who they want according to that? I just feel like there's no use in me auditioning somewhere where I may be laughed out the room...but perhaps it's just me overthinking and letting nerves get to me. Thanks for reading!
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