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  1. We auditioned in Birmingham one year for a bath place as we were on holiday for the bath audition! Our email come out with the Birmingham results. Last year bath results came out on the 15th June x
  2. Wow! That is amazing news! HUGE congratulations to your DD! Xx
  3. There is a car park just to the right of the venue! Parking is free for 5 hrs but you must get a ticket from the machine near the entrance and display in your car window. Good luck to your Dd, she will love it x
  4. Yes bath ma results came out yesterday x
  5. Just wondering if all current ja’s are given swl?? Dd has swl for bath also which seems to include a few from her ja class. Let the dreaded wait continue x
  6. Huge good luck wishes for those at white lodge finials this weekend!🍀🍀 x
  7. Our email said there were over 850 candidates for full time training so the odds were incredibly small! Good luck to those still waiting! Fingers crossed for all of you x
  8. Congratulations exciting time ahead! Still waiting for bath girls! So much for us being the 1st to hear c
  9. I’m hoping this week as next week is half term at Royal! Not sure if their admin team work or have the week off too! X
  10. There is cecchetti associates in Newport, audition date is June 24th. Class is once a month on a Sunday and you don’t have to studies the cecchetti method! We are just west of Cardiff and it takes us 1hr 30 for the 70 mile drive to Radstock x
  11. The last audition is Thursday so I’m thinking early next week! X
  12. We auditioned in Bath, there were 4 audition groups, 104 children in total! 1st group had all year 6s applying for Ma/White lodge with 1 boy. 2nd group was a mixture of year 6 and year 7’s applying for Ma/ White lodge. I then left so didn’t seen the 3rd or 4th group. Just curious on Ja uniform, we were told not to wear ours but many were in full uniform x
  13. We have received our time for the bath audition- jan 10th x
  14. Hey New to the associate circuit, just wondered if there were photo requirements for the application form? X
  15. I ordered a pair of bloch warm up boots from just ballet yesterday and they arrived this morning! I will have 1 very happy budding ballerina come Christmas morning xx
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