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  1. Just had to log in to register my delight and joy to be able to watch the 2hr Balanchine tribute show from 1983 twice now in past couple of days! To see Suzanne Farrell dancing in her prime after only ever reading about her performances and to see more from the master choreographer.... such long awaited treats!
  2. Second night watching Bolshoi Ballet on YouTube with beautiful Svetlana Zakharova in Sleeping Beauty.... cheers balletomanes!!
  3. Thought I’d share my fond memory of Lynn Seymour.... teaching a wonderful masterclass for us in the Isle of Wight in the 1980’s. She was such an inspiration.... I often wonder why she doesn’t coach the current RB dancers with so much knowledge to pass on?
  4. 1 ticket wanted please for Manon performance on Wednesday 11th April? Anyone selling an affordable seat/standing?
  5. Thank you for your reccomendations and will definitely check out these companies. Much appreciated.
  6. Looking for a preloved tutu for my daughter age 13. Willing to spend about £25 as she will only be wearing it for 2 minutes on stage! Hoping some generous forum member has something suitable gathering dust in their attic....? If able to upload a photo would be great, with measurements please?
  7. Hi, I am interested in the navy leotards please. Is it possible to send me photos of the 4 you have for sale please?
  8. Agreed that as a state funded institution paying for an application (rejection/ waitlist) every year, to just glance at a few photos and put onto a pile, our funds should be reimbursed if unsuccessful? This Royal system needs to be carefully audited IMO, as another poster says earlier that most acceptance decisions are made usually by the same person???
  9. Exactly Amos73! Outreach suggests branching out into the community to find untapped talents who may be unaware of such opportunities, whereas the AD should be present to discover the potential right on his doorstep and studio floor!
  10. Not sure how many were judging the preliminary auditions for US but for Lower there were only two I think? Seems usual for international competitions to have a large panel of judges such as at the recent Prix de Lausanne. Also anytime a dance selection process is shown in movies such as Billy Elliot, Fame etc. there are always several people on the jury. Also minimum of 3 judges at dance festivals such as All England and for scholarship selection for prestigious summer programmes. Leaving the initial decisions for the whole school down to the same person/people can result in missed opportuniti
  11. Do you think the Bolshoi segment will be available on YouTube too? I want to see the company class....
  12. Just to remind any Balletcoers that you can watch live streaming now from NYC. Currently age 12-13 ballet solos girls ????????????????????????????????????????
  13. Thank you for your suggestions and will try these for DD. ????
  14. My DD has been happy with her Grishko pointe shoes until her teacher said that she finds them too noisy and wants her to try either Bloch or Mirella. Can forum members please advise who carries the Mirella brand in London and recommend a good fitter? I know of the Bloch shop but do they also carry other brands? Any other suggestions for a silent shoe for narrow feet please? Thanks in advance.
  15. Hello, do you still have any of these items left? My daughter is Year 7 so would hopefully fit these? Thank you
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