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  1. Thanks for the advice.If there is a teacher out there I would like to know your opinion.I set up my own dance school last year as there wasn't any dance schools in the area which taught ISTD ballet,tap ,modern and Jazz.I am not a teacher and therefore have to look for as much input as possible to ensure that we are on the right path .My daughter to follow her dream needs be challenged,she is a very strong willed individual and has strong opinions of her own.
  2. My daughter took her ISTD Intermediate modern in the summer and got a merit having only started modern last year. We are in Portugal and the teacher hasn't be able to get to the courses for the new advanced modern 1.She has suggested instead of teaching the old Advanced 1 while waiting for the new Advanced 1 DVD etc to come out to teach the Grade 6.My daughter is also doing Advanced 1 Ballet and I need some advice. I think it is going backwards as she for fun already goes to the Grade 5 modern class and I don't think this will be challenging for her.
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