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  1. Thank you everyone for your good wishes.
  2. I see I haven't been on since last May. Well, my knee mended nicely, and I was allowed to put weight on it a month before Nutcracker. So I stayed in the wheelchair for the first part of the first act, and then got out and performed the Grandmother's Dance. I also got my (1 minute) solo back in the second act! I've been attending Grade 7, Inter Foundation, and Intermediate since then. So eleven days ago I danced (can't really say "sat" for a ballet exam!) my IDTA Gold Medal. I've just got my results, and I did achieve Honours (that's 85% to 100%), so I'm feeling rather chuffed. In the meanwhile I've joined a different gym, and I'm off to find out what exercises are recommended for my still-slightly-weak left leg. It only shows up when I'm on pointe (still only on the barre) but I need to fix it. Thanks for reading.
  3. Thank you for your good wishes. A stellate fracture is like a windscreen crack, radiating out like a star (stella is Latin for star). My surgeon is one of the best in Europe. He knows about knees; he used to play rugby for the Wasps! When I realised there was something seriously wrong with my knee we telephoned his secretary. No messing about! He put my new knee in just under four years ago, I was concerned that something may have happened to it, but he said (via his secretary) that it was unlikely to have damaged his joint, and - rest, ice and an X-ray was what was needed. So we did that as soon as we got back to England.
  4. Nothing to forgive. Yes, it is I. I was feeling a bit shy when I joined this forum, and Dormouse is the name our Beaver Scouts call me. I get really chuffed when people say that they like my story. By the way ... it was in People's Friend and My Weekly early this year. The amusing thing about the My Weekly article, was that it took three or four celebrities and three ordinary people, who were doing things not associated with being over something-like-50-or-so. Well, on the previous page was Helen Mirren. As we were in the same class at the convent, my friends thought that was really neat. I don't really do ballet for the exercise, it's because I love moving to music - but it has to be the right sort of music. I was practising a port de bras some years ago, and it was a bit wooden. Monica changed the music, and suddenly I burst into life. That's enough of me - as you may notice, I'm a bit fed up, sitting with my leg horizontal - but I so want to be in Nutcracker in July, that I'm being a very good girl, and doing what my consultant tells me! ... Makes a change!
  5. That's what I was studying, then I passed my Grade 6 (I'm the oldest old fogie in the country to pass that exam), so I'm (normally) studying IF and Grade 7. I'm still at the barre for pointe work - except when my ballet teacher takes me "walkies" - I hang onto her hands as we totter across her studio, Congratulations sophie_rebecca, on your IF, I know how hard it is. I say "normally studying" because I've got a stellate fracture of my patella, and it's the same knee I had replaced just under four years ago. So I've gone back to my knee surgeon, and I'm non weight bearing on that leg until I see him again on 5th June :-(. My surgeon thinks this means I won't be dancing in Nutcracker in July - but he doesn't know my ballet teacher Monica! As I'm the grandmother, I can perform in my wheelchair if necessary!
  6. I passed, with honours. I've been told I got 95% but I haven't seen the report yet. All five who took a ballet exam got honours, and so did those who did tap. I saw Nutcracker at The Coliseum last night (Yes, I know it opens today, I got two 20.00 tickets to the rehearsal because I'm a friend of the ENB) and we were treated to TWO different couples dancing the Sugar Plum Fairy bit. My ballet school will be performing Nutcracker at The Hexagon in Reading in July, so I was instructed to watch carefully. I don't know what parts I've got yet.
  7. Good Luck. I remember plucking up courage to go to my first class in England.
  8. WOW! Thanks for posting that. I am getting around ... I have been on Canadian television: http://tinyurl.com/hfprf9v THINKS: I MUST tidy this house!!!
  9. Replying to Dance*is*life I don't know if my reply is automatically linked to you. Thank you for your congratulations. Yes, I am already studying Grade 7. I started after I did my Grade 6 presentation class in December 2014 - everyone thought I would drop Grade 6 and concentrate on Grade 7. I wanted to get Grade 6 and my RAD Affiliate membership!!! I'm also studying Intermediate Foundation. I also adore the higher grades - especially as my class teacher was a professional dancer in Germany before coming to the UK. It was really great when he said my Polonaise step was correct, but should be bigger - his arm went round my waist, and his other hand held mine, and we were off round the studio. Dancing with a partner who really knows his stuff is so inspiring. Errr ... Just to keep my mind focused ... I'm taking IDTA Silver in November I took the Bronze in 2010, and I was going to do Silver the following year, but the date changed, and I was in Canada. Then I had knee operations, and this is the first year I can concentrate on it.
  10. Thank you for that. Yes, I visit your store nearly every time I visit Southend. As you may know, I grew up there, and lived there until a mere 34 years ago. I still have friends there, and a cousin who teaches ballet - so, when I visit, I try to be there on Thursday evening to attend her adult class.
  11. I know the feeling. It's NOT what I said, or wrote. I have only ever said I was the oldest in the UK to pass the exam. Also, I don't know where they got the idea I had my new knee two years ago. It was THREE. Some papers just twist things. I don't think there's much I can do about that :-(
  12. I started with the adult class, but (dare I say this?) they were "once a weekers, when they could get there" so I wanted something more challenging, and Monica gave me permission to join a syllabus class, which is generally for 13- to 18-year olds. I also have some private lessons with Monica; you've seen her studio on television.
  13. No, it's on Friday now. The A34 crash took precedence.
  14. OH WOW! The telephone hasn't stopped! I'm overwhelmed. Thanks for telling me about that. I've never looked at Twitter before - too busy dancing!
  15. Sorry I haven't been around recently, I've been interviewed and video-ed, and there's more this afternoon and on Monday ... Have any of you looked at the RAD Facebook page??? Over 1/4 million views. Is that considered a lot?
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