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  1. Oh sorry my mistake ..it was advertised on facebook this year so I assumed it was and seemed to be open to the public when we went with dd local dance school two years ago ..we went as a coach load...guessed we were luckier than I realised!
  2. Yes the open day is open to everyone and it is usually on the third Saturday in June. We went at the weekend with family and as everyone has said , the standard of dancing was exceptional.
  3. Forgot to add that I always entered my DD with her teacher's permission but with the clear opinion that she hadn't got a chance as she was far too tall!
  4. We had no idea DD was going to be successful...she got a straight no the first time,then she started another associate programme and got SWL the second time...finally offered a place last year when we used the audition as something for her to do whilst I shopped with her aunt!So I really hope that anyone who got a no this year will realise that there's still every chance for a yes in the future.
  5. The programme is very good for technique...my DD liked the the combination of classical class followed by repertoire ...and now she also does a little pointe.the progress she made in the first year was astounding..and that was due to the programme as her local dance school did not specialise in ballet more MT. We just felt that Elmhurst couldn't offer anything for her that she wasn't already getting,although obviously it's different for every student.This year she also been a RBS JA and this programme really complimented it....there are three from her LJB class going into year 7 at WL this year.
  6. Hi my DD has been associate here for 3 years and is currently 10 - year 6. She is in the senior foundation. ... Most of her class are in yr7/8 and even 9 ...she has had a great time ...we turned down Elmhurst associates and Tring CBA to stay here,she's sad to leave ...she's off to WL in September.Hope your daughter enjoys it.x
  7. Hi,last year the London results came out on Thursday in the 3 rd week of June...in the afternoon! Happy memory as my DD got a yr 6 place- third time lucky!
  8. Thankyou very much for all your congratulations..especially from the other finalists ....just want to add good luck for any DC attending the Elmhurst finals....and big hugs to the dc with the nos...dd has been there and will undoubtedly have to face many nos again in the future . As always ,amazed at the resilience and bravery of all dc who put themselves through this! Xx
  9. Hello know I'm the first to post results for the girls but can't help it...oh my word my dd has been offered a place at WL despite no finals at Elmhurst and an unfunded place at Tring.......it's only due to this forum that she kept going at all after her initial disappointment....I know this is just the start of a very bumpy journey but again...Thankyou ballet mums!
  10. Disco monkfish, Thankyou !DD was in the London prelims...really hope you and your DC get good news too...x
  11. Just wanted to post that my DD and I are in total utter shock as she got a yes for WL finals...made all the sweeter as she didn't get through to Elmhurst finals...I posted on another thread about that and the support DD and I had from this forum was overwhelming ! Thankyou people!
  12. Hi my DD did YDA associates last year- amazing teaching .The cost was @£300 a term then!
  13. Billyelliot and everyone, Thankyou so much for taking the time to reply and for your very kind, caring messages. I haven't posted much before and I am very grateful for all your responses In fact I read them out to my DD earlier tonight ...for the first time in 24 hours we had a smile on her face. Thankyou again , there's one 10 year old who is a lot happier tonight ( and so is her mum!).
  14. Thankyou so much for your sensible and kind reply , it certainly helped to put things into perspective. I'll certainly take your advice re what to tell her! Thank goodness for this forum!
  15. Hi, Just wondered if any members could give my 10 year old daughter some desperately needed advice. Despite being a JA and a LJB associate , she has failed to get through to the Elmhurst finals for entry yr 7????I know this isn't the end of the world but to her it is. It was hideous telling her last night the result. It's not like we even expected she would make finals but it's hard when her JA friends have got through... Could anybody tell me what to do re her ballet? I guess we chalk this up to experience and plod on , all part of a being on the vocational roller coaster... But has anyone got any ballet advice to help her get a bit of confidence back( especially before her Tring and RBS auditions).
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