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  1. At risk of causing an avalanche... watching those videos, I am mostly struck by the loss of finesse in Polunin's dancing. I'm not talking about the 'wildness' of his interpretation - I have always enjoyed his performances and find his characterisation passionate, naturalistic, and quite captivating - and his ballon is still a thing to behold. I don't need princely restraint from this role. But at many points, there is an evident lack of precision and polish in much of the actual dance quality - the landings; the pirouettes; some of the partnering - which I find a rather sad reminder of greatne
  2. Hi all, I unfortunately can no longer make the first night of Bayadère with Nunez / Muntagirov / Osipova, and so have an amphi ticket looking for a good home. C78, £16, and it’s an e-ticket so can send right over. Please let me know if interested!
  3. Hi all, I have a pair of tickets (L42 & L43) for tomorrow's performance. Happy to sell together or individually. £25 each fv. Please let me know if interested, if not will return to ROH tomorrow morning. Thanks
  4. Hi MAB, I'd like to take this, thanks - will PM you.
  5. One spare amphi ticket for tonight’s Osipova/Shklyarov Manon - L73, £25. Can hand over the ticket or arrange pick up from box office tonight. Will return to ROH this afternoon if no takers.
  6. Also posted on Twitter - spare e-ticket going for tonight's Giselle. Amphitheatre G69, face value £35. Hope it'll find a good home - if not will return to Box Office later this PM. Drop me a message if interested!
  7. FYI - the Times review of last night just up and highly impressed by all involved https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/dance-review-giselle-at-covent-garden-v7kkpkvxx
  8. I agree entirely - I thought it was beautiful, a much more musical and ethereal version of the lift than the usual. Just lovely. As ever, Osipova was unparalleled in the role, and I was absolutely in raptures over the partnership with Hallberg until the ill-fated injury. But Matthew Ball did wonderfully to step in at such short notice and I was glad to get a sneak peek of the upcoming pairing for Swan Lake. Emotionally, though, I agree that the evening felt somewhat cruelly curtailed, with Hallberg & Osipova unable to bring the intensity of Act I to fruition, and Ball & Osi
  9. Long shot I know... but I find myself in possession of two tickets to the opening night of NYCB's winter season on Tuesday, which I can sadly no longer attend. Date: Tuesday, January 23, 2018 at 7:30 PM Venue: David H. Koch Theater Programme: ALL BALANCHINE NO. 1 Apollo: Chase Finlay, Sterling Hyltin, Ashley Bouder, Lauren Lovette Mozartiana: Maria Kowroski, Tyler Angle, Daniel Ulbricht Cortège Hongrois: Sara Mearns, Russell Janzen, Lauren King, Emilie Gerrity, Savannah Lowery, Ask la Cour Seats: 2nd ring, D17 and D15 Tickets can be picked
  10. Agree with so many of these. Osipova and Ed Watson in Mayerling last season had me bawling - the final PDD just had an extra weight of inevitability in the tragedy; these two figures who are so clearly not long for this world. Marvellous! I also remember, alongside the Manons, Mayerlings, R&Js, etc. - a performance of Swan Lake with Alina Cojocaru & Johan Kobborg in which the Act II PDD had me practically on the floor. I can never explain why - it was just something magical in the air that evening. Indescribably beautiful, and sorrowful. I often find
  11. Spare ticket going (L76) for Sylvia tonight; eticket so can send right over. £25 fv. If interested, let me know!
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