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  1. If u are still looking I can recommend Holly Mayer Academy of Dance in Putney on a Saturday Morning.
  2. Did Rambert sort out the homestay accommodation for you or did you do it yourself? Dd will struggle with the leap in academics most definitely! Do Rambert support them?
  3. DD will be only just 16 when she goes in September- wud love to hear from the other mums whose daughters are starting in September and will be the sane age x
  4. I too suffered from Glandular fever when I was 16 and it took months to fully recover. Sending hugs to your DD x
  5. Ballet and contemporary class and then the panel decides who to keep back for solo. After the Solo there is a further cut and the children left attend an Interview and physio. Hope this helps x
  6. My DD heard within 48 hours via email after the Jan auditions
  7. I have rang the school today and hopefully should hear soon! Thanks everyone x
  8. Thankyou Janet . Must admit I haven't been online for a while! Dancermum what date is your audition?
  9. It has been nearly two weeks and heard nothing! Emailed today but no response?! Looking like DD isn't going to get an audition. Does any body know if they let you know either way?
  10. I have sent an application form off for my DD to apply to audition at Rambert for sixth form. Does anyone know how long it takes for them to reply?
  11. Hi my daughter did Pvps at Elmhurst from the age of 8 but she didnt feel like she was ready at year 7 to leave home and i don't think at that time she would have been successful! She worked her socks off and joined in year 8! she then got through her appraisal in year 9! Tell your daughter to keep following her dream!
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