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  1. after i had a pointe class today my left foot started being really weird. it would shake uncontrollably for like 10 seconds and them stop, and then start again about a minute later. this only started after i sat down after class (so not while i was actually dancing) and continued for like 10 minutes after the class ended even if i was standing on the foot. does anybody have any ideas why this happened or what i can do to prevent it from happening again? if it ever happened while i was actually dancing i'm sure i would fall and get injured and i dont want that! Thank you
  2. much better, thank you. i tried the salt bath, light exercise, and lean protein which all seemed to help. i'm still a little bit sore but i can walk and dance and stuff just fine. thankfully what happened on saturday was just a scheduling fluke and i wont have 3 hours of ballet in a row again anytime soon!
  3. On Saturday i had a 2 hour ballet class that was a level up from what i'm used too, followed immediately by an hour of pointe. Today my legs are so sore i can hardly walk! I have more dance classes on tuesday and i dont want to be literally limping through them, do any of you have any advice? Thanks!
  4. I'm not sure, it just looks really fun and it's something i've wanted to do for ages. Plus, i'm already in one of the most advanced ballet classes at my studio so i'd like more challenge.
  5. I take a lot of dance per week (i do modern through my high school 4 days a week and i'm in a contemporary company that rehearses twice a week) but i only take one pure ballet class per week (it's 2 hours long if that matters). My ballet teacher wants me to start pointe this year (i'm 15, by the way, so older then most girls are when they start pointe) but i've heard you need at least 3 or 4 hours of ballet a week to do pointe safely and healthily. do you think my many hours per week of other similar types of dance count towards this? if absolutely necessary i could fit another ballet class into my schedule but it would be very tight and hard to do, especially considering i'm not planning on pursuing ballet as a career, i'm an actress.
  6. whenever i lift my leg in a la seconde my hip awkwardly juts out and it's hard for me to tuck it under, i never can. the only time it looks halfway decent is when it's in the middle of a rond de jambe. what can i do to get it looking good all the time?
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