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  1. Staatsballett Berlin via Staatsoper Unter den Linden YouTube channel has put up their 1999 recording of Patrice Bart's "Swan Lake", costumes by Luisa Spinatelli starring Steffi Scherzer and Oliver Matz, plus its conducted by Daniel Barenboim https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C2E2d1nW1T8&t=6004s Its only up for 24hrs
  2. Absolutely wonderful performance of Onegin tonight from The Royal Ballet, Yasmine Naghdi and Federico Bonelli were emotionally devastating in the final act. Anna Rose O'Sullivan was perfect as Olga, beautiful jumps and pure joy. Joseph Sissens was lovely as Lensky, not forgetting Bennet Gartside as Prince Gremin, dignified and honourable. A truly wonderful evening at the Royal Opera House, adore the music of Tchaikovsky so much, one of my favourite ballets as well. This was a lovely birthday treat from my sister and it seemed apt that the two lead female characters in the story are sisters too!
  3. Just got back from my local cinema's screening of the triple bill of Concerto/Enigma Variations/Raymonda Act III and it was really good, mum and me enjoyed it immensely, The Royal Ballet looked in fine form. Concerto I love the Shostakovich music used by MacMillan in this ballet, and the choreography fit so well, Anna Rose O'Sullivan and James Hay were great in the first movement, lots of energy, and Yasmine Naghdi and Ryoichi Hirano were spellbinding in the second movement, her lines are so beautiful and elegant, top quality and finally Maya Magri was also fab in the final movement, my mum really liked the ballet too. Engima Variations Really enjoyed this too, I've never seen it in full before, mostly know it through odd clips, photos etc. so to see it properly was a real treat, loved all the characters and it resonated with me as my ladies choir I am a member of have been performing a couple of Elgar pieces this year (Fly Singing Bird Fly and The Snow), so no escaping this composer! Matthew Hay was really good as Troyte and Francesca Hayward was lovely as Dorabella, brought the music to life. Raymonda Act III Well what is there to say but WOW a riot of Hungarian and Byzantine scenery and costume, plenty of white and gold, Vadim Muntagirov and Natalia Osipova were superb, I sometimes like Osipova and sometimes don't and in this she really was in her element, commanding the stage and Vadim, well he was brilliant as usual, could of watched him dance all night, also special mention to Fumi Kaneko, Meghan Grace Hinkis and Claire Calvert in the variations, lovely dancing. Itziar Mendizabal and Reece Clarke were great as the Hungarian couple. Again great music, very lush. Real treat seeing so many of my favourite dancers, and two ballets I've never seen before so that was cool, hope it comes out on blu-ray! It's nice to see the Royal Ballet with strength and depth, they have a great company of dancers.
  4. Just back from my local cinema's relay of Romeo and Juliet, Yasmine Naghdi and Matthew Ball were simply spell binding as the lead pair, such a natural and relaxed partnership. Yasmine Naghdi's performance as Juliet was wonderful, such fluidity in the upper body, a real sense of abandonment and you could really feel her changing emotional state, from love to pain, and it meshed so well with Matthew Ball's performance as Romeo, incredibly dreamy and romantic. Also Matthew Ball had great interaction with Benjamin Ella and Valentine Zucchetti, dance very well together. Gary Avis was great as Tybalt, right amount of anger and wounded honour. Exemplary dancing from the Royal Ballet, such strength and depth from the entire company. Prokofiev's score for Romeo and Juliet is one of my favourites, such beautiful, powerful music, Pavel Sorokin kept the pace at a fair clip, nothing dragged. Hope they make the Matthew Ball and Yasmine Naghdi partnership permanent because they looks so good together. A truly special evening.
  5. Went and saw this triple bill last night and it was amazing! Itziar Mendizabal was a fierce, wild and free Firebird, just wonderful dancing plus I could now see how the music fits the choreography and the costumes were so colourful and at the end when everyone comes onto the stage to celebrate the coronation of Ivan Tsarevich and The Beautiful Tsarevna I was almost cried at how awesome the music was Loved A Month In The Country, very calming after the boldness of The Firebird, Natalia Osipova was born to play Natalia Petrovna, stunning dancing and David Hallberg was good also, great partnership as well. In fact the entire cast was on top form I was riverted throughout Finally Symphony in C was a bright shining star, a fitting end to a magnificent evening of dance, and very sparkly tutus, Marianela Nunez was so regal yet dreamy in the second movement of the ballet with Ryoichi Hirano. Vadim Muntagirov was as always amazing in the First Movement with a delightful Fumi Kaneko. Yasmine Naghdi was sublime in the Fourth Movement and Alexander Campbell was a burst of sunshine Three nicely contrasting top class ballets made for an unforgettable evening
  6. Having had a good browse of what productions the Royal Ballet are putting on for 19/20 I am interested in seeing Coppélia, I have never seen the ballet in full and it's one I am unfamiliar with, the triple bill of Concerto/Enigma Variations/Raymonda Act III looks good too. Would love to see Onegin again, saw that a good few years ago (and was my first trip to the Royal Opera House) and would be nice to get a refresh Manon and The Sleeping Beauty are ones I've been before so would depend on cast but happy to see them there and I really would like to see the new (well not new now) Swan Lake production as I saw it in the cinema last time around! (and that would possibly depend on cast as well)
  7. I had a pretty okay booking experience, got the tickets (balcony) I wanted for the triple bill on 5th June, have not seen The Firebird or A Month In The Country before so that's exciting, and the ticket prices were within my budget
  8. Just got back from my local cinema's encore screening of 'The Nutcracker' (Shown live on Monday night) a magnificent production and performance from The Royal Ballet, superb dancing from Vadim Muntagirov and Marianela Nuñez as the Sugar Plum Fairy and her Cavalier, just a magical performance from two dancers at the top of their game and they look so good together, the whole cinema went really quiet during the PDD, spellbinding. Marcelino Sambé and Anna Rose O’Sullivan were delightful as Hans-Peter and Clara, joyous dancing and Gary Avis was as always excellent as Herr Drosselmeyer, one of the best interpreters of the role today IMHO The corps de ballet were great as the snowflakes, lots of flurries. Melissa Hamilton was slinky in the Arabian dance, draping over the shoulders of the men and moving like liquid, channelling the music so well. Fumi Kaneko was a pretty Rose Fairy and I just love the Waltz of the Flowers. The music was gorgeous, such a genius ballet score from Tchaikovsky, Christmas has got dialled up to 11. I'm not familiar with lots of Nutcracker productions, I've only ever seen the Bolshoi's and Birmingham Royal Ballet's (on DVD with the divine Irek Mukhamedov and Miyako Yoshida) and I like all 3 for different reasons but Sir Peter Wright's productions (both RB and BRB) just gets the magical essence of The Nutcracker.
  9. Just got back from a encore screening of The Royal Ballet of "La Bayadère" and I have to say WOW. The dancing from the three leads - Natalia Osipova, Vadim Muntagirov and Marianela Núñez was supernova, just sublime. I am hot and cold on Natalia Osipova, sometimes I like her performance, other times I am like not sure, but on this time she pulled out all the stops as Gamzatti, real powerful force which made a nice comparison to the purity of Marianela Núñez as Nikiya, you really felt emotionally invested in all three leads and it transcended what yes is a hokey story but by god such a quality performance! And the corps de ballet were stunning in the Kingdom of the Shades, precise, in time and just beautiful pure dancing, just impressive strength and depth. Special mention for Yasmine Naghdi and Akane Takada in their roles as shades 2 and 3, the variations were exquisite, it made for a wonderful Act 2, just again excellent quality. And I finally got Act III with the destruction of the temple, usually I didn't get why this was added but now I do and I have to say the orchestra sounded positively Wagnerian playing the final section of Minkus music as Solor and Nikiya ascend to the afterlife, it had me in tears. So yeah a 10/10 performance, so going to buy this when it comes out on Blu-ray, got to keep adding to my Vadim Muntagirov collection.
  10. Just got back from my local cinema live broadcast of the Royal Ballet in Mayerling with Sarah Lamb and Steven McRae and wow what a intense ballet swept up by the music of Liszt. Impressions Steven McRae was good as Crown Prince Rudolf, partnered Sarah Lamb brilliantly, made the PDD's look effortless. Loved the four Hungarian officers (Reece Clark, Tomas Mock, Calvin Richardson and Marcelino Sambé) their leaps were amazing, the heights of them during the tavern scene in Act 2. Laura Morea was perfect as Countess Marie Larisch, equal parts conniving and at the same time you can tell she cares for the Crown Prince in her own way. James Hay made for a delightful Bratfisch, not too showy but full of light and fun, felt bad for him at the end that not even his japes could lift the mood. I love this ballet as it ticks lots of my boxes - great music, fantastic costumes, history, dance and drama (I have always found the Hapsburgs interesting and one of my favourite books I read growing up was "The Habsburgs: Embodying Empire" by Andrew Wheatcroft) And finally the strength and depth of the Royal Ballet really shone through, just giving it 100% and beyond. Time just flew in the cinema. My one wish is that they record the entire orchestrated score, because I adore the music and I like have had a go at making my own playlist on Spotify by looking up the pieces used but it's not really the same.
  11. Finally seen The Royal Ballet's new production of 'Swan Lake', went to an encore screening at the Trowbridge Odeon and it blew me away, amazing dancing, beautiful costumes and set and fantastic music, I think Scarlett and RB should be very happy with the end result! Highlights for me include Vadim Muntagirov and Marianela Nuñez in the Black Swan PDD, just firework dancing and just exquisite, really superb dancing, such a superstar pairing, Vadream indeed!!!!! Francesca Hayward, Alexander Campbell and Akane Takada were delightful in their dances as well. Sumptuous Act III, the ballroom set was just gorgeous and the tutus of the Princesses were stunning. Love hearing the old music in Act IV, just worked better dramatically. And so, so glad to see the swan maidens in tutus again, just so much more aesthetically pleasing! I like how more narratively cohesive it was, plus the sets and costumes are so much more cleaner and crisper, love the decluttering, a traditional production but with a modern sensibility. My only quibble is that I felt Prince Siegfried and Odette should of self sacrificed together, because it fits the music better, triumph over evil etc. and the Neapolitan dance, I felt it could of been quicker but those are minor things because everything else was on point (no pun intended) in this production.
  12. Lovely reading so many positive reviews on the Royal Ballet's new production of 'Swan Lake' and I am so happy it went well for the company, all that hardwork paying off! I am looking forward to seeing Vadim Muntagirov and Marianela Nuñez in a encore screening of the cinema relay of 'Swan Lake' on 17th June, as I'm sure it will be in rotation for years so I hope to catch it live next time. Gorgeous photos by David Morgan, really shows off how beautiful and opulent the tutus are (and can I say I am thrilled the swan maidens are back in tutus, just so much more aesthetically pleasing to me).
  13. Just got back from the encore screening of Vadim Muntagirov and Sarah Lamb in 'Manon' at the Trowbridge Odeon, thorough enjoyed it and was as good as when I saw them live back in 2014! Special mention for Ryoichi Hirano as Lescaut, great acting, just the right amount of menace and the drunken pas de deux was funny and brilliantly danced with Itziar Mendizabal. After having seen Shklyarov and Ospiova live on 13th April it was lovely to compare the two casts and for me they were superb but in their own ways, like I got enjoyment from both. I must say how strong the Royal Ballet is these days and the deep bench of dancers they have now, really a dancer or dance pairing for everyone and really lots of future talent as well, can't wait to see where it all goes! Vadim Muntagirov continues to have the most beautiful lines in dancing today IMHO, Vadream indeed! He portrayed Des Grieux as a dreamy romantic poet and I felt really bad when he got strong armed by Ryoichi Hirano's Lescaut, like 'Don't beat up Vadim, he's so lovely!'. I also liked Sarah Lamb, she was really good in the role and every dance step and action was clear and full of emotion. And as usual the final pas de deux just gut punched me, everytime, combined with the soaring music. Hope they bring this out on blu-ray!
  14. I meant to add to my original post but I also felt that the Royal Opera House orchestra played Massenet's music so romantically, I love the various pieces used for the ballet score and in the second act the music was so dramatic, by the time Lescaut got shot it was heart in mouth stuff, I could feel the panic and 'OMG' moment in the music connect with the performance on the stage from Avis, Osipova, Sambe and Shklyarov. Was pleased to get a nice curtain call photo (see below), at least for me of Osipova, Sambe and Shklyarov as well, a treasured memory. I do have a weakness for like the period the ballet is set in and just love the costumes and I really like the second act, the Brothel scene is fine for me, I like the busyness and well as I mentioned previously when Shklyarov danced his solo I just could feel so much pain and despair at his character having seen a lady he is very much in love with be a totally different person, like she had moved on but he hadn't. Yasmine Naghdi was great as Lescaut's Mistress, wanted to like know more about her character's story, she was so convincing and made the dancing look effortless, she is one of my favourite dancers, such star quality. And well by Act III I was a bit teary, gets me everytime. Am seeing an Encore screening with my sister and mum of Lamb/Muntagirov in Manon on 6th May which I cannot wait for as I saw them in a matinee in 2014 and just fell in love with Muntagirov, who was very much more a dreamy romantic Des Grieux compared to Shklyarov more earnest interpretation (which I also liked!), I hope that comes out on blu-ray, because it needs to go into my Muntagirov blu-ray collection!
  15. Absolutely loved last night's performance of Manon by Shklyarov, Osipova, Naghdi and Sambé, full of drama and pain. Especially loved the second act, incredibly dramatic acting & dancing, Shklyarov really wore his emotions, felt like you could see his heart breaking And Osipova, wow such star quality dancing, I haven't always liked her in certain roles but as Manon she was spectacular Yasmine Naghdi was great as Lescsuts Mistress, really made the character her own Marcelino Sambé danced Lescaut well but just needed more presence, but he did come alive in the second act. Love the ballet, love the music and costumes and left the ROH a very happy person!!!
  16. Wonderful reading so many lovely reviews of Osipova/Shkylarov, I will be seeing this pairing on 13th April and it has made me super excited!!!!! Shkylarov is not a dancer I know much of but thanks to the balletco forum discussion I feel I have a good idea and can't wait to see him live. I'll never forget seeing Manon with Vadim Muntagirov as Des Grieux in 2014, such beautiful lines and really good with Sarah Lamb (so you can imagine I was delighted that they will be the pair performing for the Royal Ballet cinema relay, I booked encore tickets for that, so will be fun also to compare casts etc.)
  17. Lovely photos, so much looking forward to seeing Manon on 13th April with Natalia Osipova and Vladimir Shklyarov, not familiar with Vladimir Shklyarov as a dancer but should be an exciting evening plus it has Yasmine Naghdi, Marcelino Sambé and Gary Avis!!!! Last time I saw Manon was 2014 with Sarah Lamb and Vadim Muntagirov and that was a magical matinee performance (really glad they have been paired together again for this run, have also booked in for the cinema encore viewing of the ballet on 6th May). Its one of my favourite ballets, love the costumes and I adore the music, am counting down the days.
  18. Have had a good look at the 18/19 season and it's pretty solid, with quite a few ballets off my personal wish list, chiefly 'Mayerling', 'La Bayadère', 'Symphony in C., 'The Concert' and 'The Firebird'. Also excited about 'Winter Dreams'. All I really need to do is win the lottery so I can buy all the ballet tickets, alas one must live with reality and there will be some serious decision making on what performances to see live at the ROH and what ones I will go see at the cinema.
  19. I don't know if it is the "definitive" (as that is always subjective) but my all time favourite performance of Don Quixote is American Ballet Theatre's recording from 1983 with the wonderful Cynthia Harvey and Mikhail Baryshnikov, it just captures the spirit of the ballet so well and always brings a big smile to my fave everytime I watch it and you can get it on DVD as well - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Don-Quixote-American-Ballet-Theatre/dp/B00005AR0N/ref=sr_1_8?ie=UTF8&qid=1521135786&sr=8-8&keywords=american+ballet+theatre
  20. Also v happy experience with the ROH website, got tickets to see Osipova and Hallberg on 13th April in Manon
  21. I've got various Swan Lakes on blu-ray and of course the magic of YouTube has various snippets and clips of various productions of Swan Lake and time and time again I just feel the Royal Ballet's 1982 production (designs by Leslie Hurry) remain my favourite (it also has the most wonderful Ashton choreography in Act IV and a fabulous solo for Siegfried choreographed by Nureyev). I was and am still lukewarm on the Dowell 'Swan Lake', I didn't like it being updated to the 19th century, nor the Swan maidens not being in tutus, there is just something magical about the formations when done in tutus and that the production was just too busy. Also its a medieval fantasy tale, use medieval or cod-medieval designs and inspiration.
  22. My wish list for 18/19 Royal Ballet Onegin Les Sylphides In The Night The Concert Afternoon of a Faun Symphony in C Mayerling La Bayadére Études Suite en Blanc The Firebird Raymonda Act III Symphonic Variations Les Patineurs In The Middle, Somewhat Elevated And that's off the top of my head!
  23. I went to see The Royal Ballet in Balanchine's 'Jewels' last night (with my mum and sister) and it was a truly sparkling evening. Emeralds was nice and dreamy, Yasmine Naghdi and Matthew Ball were really beautiful together and oh I how I adored the Fauré music. Rubies was really spectacular, Akane Takada was very slinky and just amazing, seeing her in a whole new light! Alexander Campbell was brilliant too, lots of fun and Tierney Heap was pure Las Vegas Showgirl/Hoofer, really channelling the Stravinksy (which again was played wonderfully by the Royal Opera House Orchestra). And finally Diamonds was truly majestic, Vadim Muntagirov and Lauren Cuthbertson (I would love to see them together in Swan Lake) were stunning together, being a plotless ballet with plain scenery you could really appreciate the choreography and the dancers themseleves, really showed off the Royal Ballet at their best and not forgetting the sublime Tchaikovsky score. We waiting outside the stage door afterwards and got signatures on our programmes from Alexander Campbell, Yasmine Nagdi, Matthew Ball, Akane Takada and Vadim Muntagirov (we hoped to get Lauren Cuthbertson's as well but it was not to be) Vadim Muntagirov was ever so nice and posed for a photo with me and my mum as well - https://twitter.com/Moonbootica/status/850849000207110144 This was my favourite pic I took of the curtain call - https://twitter.com/Moonbootica/status/850827953869082625 Really impressed by The Royal Ballet last night that's for sure
  24. Just got back from a encore showing at my local cinema of Marianela Núñez and Vadim Muntagirov in 'The Sleeping Beauty', just amazing dancing from everyone at the Royal Ballet. Marianela Núñez was wonderful during the Rose Adagio, her smile was just glorious like pure sunshine on stage. The vision scene was so romantic and the Wedding PDD in the final act was grand and gorgeous. Vadim Muntagirov was a dreamy handsome Prince and he danced his bits beautifully, he is such a very fine dancer. Claire Calvet was a wonderfully warm Lilac Fairy. Kristine McNally was a furiously scary Carabosse as well. After having seen it live last weekend I felt a deeper appreciation of the ballet, music and choreography today and to admire how pretty the costumes were! My mum thoroughly enjoyed it as well, she is a massive fan of Vadim Muntagirov as well So glad it's going to come out on blu-ray/DVD next year!
  25. I've booked tickets to see the encore of this live relay of 'The Sleeping Beauty' on Sunday at my town's local cinema, going with my mum. Will be interesting to compare after seeing it live this Saturday just gone with the divine Yasmine Naghdi and Matthew Ball, though I loved Marianela Nuñez and Vadim Muntagirov in 'Giselle', so will be nice to see them in a pure classical ballet. I think it will be just as good.
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