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  1. I haven't posted for ages but felt compelled to ask "what point are you actually trying to make?" You came across as rather offensive but I thought I'd ask what your thoughts were before deciding wether you were being rude or not.
  2. With no wish to sound like a 'know it all' there were 8 year 11s from Elmhurst that were offered a place in 6:1 last year and and of those 6 took up places. There are 3 pupils from YDA in 6:1 but I don't know how many more, if any, were offered places.
  3. Have you considered the Roynon Dancewear shop in Woolston, Southampton? They have a website: https://www.roynondancewear.co.uk/
  4. This may not be very useful but if you are arriving by train you could consider adding 'plusbus' to your train ticket. This enables you to unlimited travel on the bus. Which works out cheaper than buying an adult day rider ticket and you don't have to worry about having the right change! Admittedly not cheaper if its on your child's ticket as they will only be going one way! If you forget you can add it when you get to New Street. This is the link:- http://www.plusbus.info/jewelleryq
  5. I did say I thought they were great I just couldn't give them a score as it wasn't published! And you are right lildancer happiness is way more important.
  6. I'm sure Tring get fantastic results but on their Webste it doesnt state the '5+ A* - C including english and maths'. Please don't think I'm making a negative remark. It's just that there is no comparable statistic published on the Department for Education Website for Tring. It may be as singingfordancers said that it is because they took igcses. I only posted those particilar statistics as most people only have experience of state schools and are used to hearing that statistic published and I thought they would find it interesting as a comparison to their own local school.
  7. Gcse Exam results for 2014 found on the Department for Education Website: 5+ GCSEs at A* - C in including English and Maths Royal - 90% Elmhurst - 68% Hammond - 57% Tring - 0% (This doesn't mean they didn't pass any! Just that it's not been published)
  8. Thank you for sharing your situation HappyGirl. Please don't stop sharing and please don't think you are infuriating! We have been in a similar situation and I totally understand your frustration as I'm sure many here do.
  9. Just had the same thought balletqs. I'm sure it was posted with good intentions but am worried its getting a little unfriendly!
  10. I've been reading this forum for quite a few years and at this time of year I like to think of it as "Silly Season". Why? Because there are many people auditioning, some are successful and some are not. Tension is high and for everyone involved it can be a very tricky time. It happens every year. People reporting about how someone got in and no one can see why.......how someone is perfect but didnt get finals etc etc. Then someone will say something that others dont like or misconstrue and everyone gets a bit 'stoppy'! I'm not wanting to belittle anyone's experiences but I'm sure no body on this thread has meant to be offensive. It's very difficult to convey tone of voice in the written word so maybe ladies (and gentleman as there are a few!) we should all remember that this is 'Silly season' and thankfulky its nearly over, for this year anyway!emoticon to hopefully convey a tongue in cheek tone! There was an emoticon in there but it hasn't shown up!
  11. The British Indian community is approximately 1.4 million (Wikipedia). Our country is culturally diverse so why shouldn't this be represented in a competition celebrating dance?
  12. Dancique offer an excellent service. My child is at Elmhurst and they have delivered things several times on the same day I ordered when it has been emergency! I fully recommend them. They go the extra mile that is seldom seen in retail these days.
  13. I've read this forum for ages and it is great at giving support and advice but I'm not sure why other people's children are considered 'fair game' when it comes to what is discussed. Just because something is public knowledge doesn't mean it's appropriate to discuss unless the parent themselves has first discussed it on the forum. It may be being talked about on social networking sites by the children concerned but this is a forum for adults.
  14. You are right too Aileen that it is public information but please allow me to feel uncomfortable about it if I want!!
  15. You are of course right Moneypenny but it does make me feel uncomfortable as I do know one of the children concerned and I'm sure the parents would not appreciate their situation being discussed. It may be on social networking sites and I'm sure all the children are talking about it but it still makes me feel uncomfortable.
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