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  1. Sadly we did not get to attend bw summer school this year but her friend is attending this final week and said that they were met by current students who are training and performing? Is this true, seems like a good opportunity to train along side current students. Dd is hoping to audition there this coming session can anyone shed light on the standard of the current students as I know very little about training there and style ect. Was the summer school just ballet?
  2. Twiggy

    training dilema

    Thank you so much everyone we're going look into doing more contemporary. My daughter just came in to tell me about a dancer at ndt being classically trained so she's obviously one step ahead of me, hopefully it was just a blip of negativity and she back to her self!
  3. Twiggy

    training dilema

    England . She's going into her second year of a BA(hons) in dance. Thank you everyone x
  4. My daughter has been talking to me about wanting to audition for postgraduate contemporary programmes and companies at the end of her training (she's going into second year so there's still a bit of time) however she came home today from a contemporary summer school completely freaked out because she doesn't know how realistic this dream is. She says from watching the strongest in her class and the older ones she thinks she need a lot more experience in contemporary despite being quite strong in it already. The only problem is that her school has a focus on classical ballet with a bit of 'dancey contemporary' as she calls it. I told her that she shouldn't give up on her dreams and dissmiss the opportunities but she replied with 'but the last time I tried that they turned me down' this broke my heart she really had her heart set on a different school but things didn't turn out too badly this way! The problem I have is that if this is the case I really cannot imagine financing another three years after these two but if it is what she wants and needs to have the career she wants I might have to. What I am trying to say is, would it be necessary to undertake another degree in contemporary dance to get into a contemporary postgrad programme or contemporary company? I think I could have written this so it wasn't such a Long rambling mess but right now I'm going crazy! I don't know how these things work...
  5. Hi everyone, I was just wondering if anyone knew anything about this school in Toronto my daughter was talking about their Ss earlier in the year????
  6. Anyone know anything about this competition or anyone who is going this year?
  7. Ballet west offer Scottish higher English central also offers Alevels but I think you do you have pick from a limited selection x
  8. I find having two pairs or even three on the go at once is really helpful as it allows me to let them dry out after class and so they last slightly longer. I used to get the same shoes but now I sometimes get one pair a little bigger and one a little smaller so my odd feet can have a pair that fit perfectly! This might be helpful if your daughter has one foot bigger than the other, it's also good for emergencies (like when your water bottle leaks all over a pair !)
  9. I feel exactly the same! I'm a little bit terrified to be honest! I've decided to instead set myself little goals Iver the summer and for when I get there so that instead of worrying about who's better than me and that I might be the worst I can celebrate at my improvement, Let's hope it works!
  10. Do either school hold summer intensive? Om very interested in the schools but would like to find out a bit more.
  11. The associates wear the jumper material as do the open classes the cat's wear the shell material as this says centre for advanced training in the back. The jumpers doesn't malt but I don't know about the jogging bottoms as we always wore our own jogging bottoms because the legs were.longer!
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