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  1. Jacks day of dance at Moorland 27th July is a chance for all boys who dance to practise what they love then chat about dancing as a boy it’s free and is going to be an inspirational day and it’s free! My boy can’t wait to go!
  2. As far as I am aware it’s on an individual basis as it’s provided by the school. They have limited funding for a few students in the form of bursaries. It’s a case of applying and seeing but I agree it is the most amazing school with amazing teachers my DS has never been happier.
  3. I also attended what an inspirational evening! The children danced beautifully and their love of their craft was obvious as was the high esteem which they hold their teachers! I think this school will go from strength to strength after watching those fabulous performances. What a bunch of talented dancers.
  4. My DS went to Moorland last year and loved it the teachers are really positive and encouraging and excellent ballet teachers
  5. Why don’t you have a look at Moorland it’s a lovely summer school in the North
  6. My son attends Moorland and went to the summer school last year he had a brilliant time and thought the ballet and teachers were excellent
  7. My son has recently started at this school having left an incredibly prestigious school. All I can say is what a change in him!! He is beginning to fall back in love with dancing again, he’s happy and gaining in confidence everyday. I cannot recommend this school highly enough. Don’t always think of the big three when looking at ballet schools as I have learnt hindsight is an amazing thing. Mr and Mrs Kidd are turning my boy back into a dancer and performer.
  8. Thanks hfbrew we also are worried how we are going to afford all this but we are so proud of our ds that we will do everything to let him enjoy every minute!
  9. It was lower school. He's away for the week so I can't even let him know! The results have taken a week he has also had a yes for WL so now we have decisions to make but at least they are good ones!! Good luck to everyone waiting.
  10. Funding letters are out it was a yes for my son!!!!! We are very happy????
  11. My son wasn't held back and was offered a place. We were told by email at 4:50pm on the Monday!
  12. Proudmum have you checked your bulk/junk mail all my RBS emails go in there, especially the important ones!
  13. Thanks for the welcomes Billy and Janet my name is what my DS calls me due to my lack of ballet knowledge which is incredibly poor! He says compared to the other ballet mums I'm rubbish! I have to say I do agree with him!
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