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  1. My DS did JAs in Newcastle and the class is Saturday afternoon, starts around 1.45 I think (it changed slightly the year after we moved on), finishes about 4pm
  2. Thanks everyone, thanks Starshine! She was fine, she knew it was a long shot!
  3. Newcastle results are just out. It's a no for my DD, which is what we expected. There were an awful lot of lovely children auditioning in Newcastle this year, more than last year and way more than when my DS auditioned 4 years ago. And only a really small number of places (Newcastle is a single mixed class, years 4-6 and probably only about 12 places in total, most taken by existing students) so the odds were slim. We we had fun though! Good luck to everyone still waiting! ????
  4. I definitely think Newcastle results could be out today/tomorrow...based on nothing concrete though, just a feeling!!
  5. Ah, we are Newcastle which was the very first audition so I guess that's why our results came so much earlier (8 June): DD's audition this year was way back on 2nd May!
  6. I have just checked back and we got our ("sorry it's a no") e-mail result on 8th June last year, so possibly late next week or early the next?
  7. Well, Newcastle always seems to be the first JA audition date and my DD and I were there yesterday. She also auditioned last year (for a Yr4 place), and didn't get in, so we knew the score and we know what the odds are. We viewed it as a nice trip out from school, an exciting break from the routine! The Newcastle auditions were busier than last year (three auditions, one for each age group, versus 2 groups last year) and MUCH, MUCH busier than 4 years ago when my DS auditioned. My DS enjoyed it, had fun. The staff are extremely kind and friendly and spoke to the waiting parents before and after. i know there are very, very, few places, particularly in Newcastle where the whole JA class of yrs 4-6 is only about 12 students, so I'm certainly not going to hold my breath. we were told we'd hear late June. oh, and no merchandise!! I'm guessing thats just London, or maybe some of the other bigger centres if you are lucky! Good luck to all the DC in the remainder of the auditions and above all, have fun!
  8. Ah thanks Dancefanatic I did not know that!
  9. Just getting back to Mids, and when audition results will be out... Some of the current MA students have not yet been assessed for a further year's place. Unlike JA, MA students are assessed every year to retain their place. My DS is a MA in London and his assessment is this weekend (eek!) and I know other MA centres have their assessments after Easter. So although the auditions for new Mids were months ago, probably the results will not be out until all the "internal" assessments are done, and they know how many spaces might be available. Having said that, they are usually very very quick with the news once all the assessments are done.
  10. Such a pain, Shygirlsmum, it threw us too! I'd been asking since early last half-term when they would confirm dates as we travel a long way and midweek train fares are so much more expensive (we travel to London every Sat for DS's Mids class but at least then we have the dates for the whole year!) I'm also a bit bemused that the workshops are still during regular term-time this year, or is that just us up here in the North?? Luckily DS's school very supportive and let him have the day off as the boys' Balletboyz workshop sounds like it will be awesome!
  11. Hi Pinkbex81 My DS is now a Mid Associate but auditioned while in Yr 4 and got a Yr 5 place. We had literally no idea what we were doing, what the process was or what the audition class would be like, as there were no Insight Days then - or at least not where we are. I think in a way I am glad we were so clueless as we had no fears and no expectations! We did not really prepare in any way! My DS was the only boy at the audition but all seemed to go well. My advice would be same as you have heard from others, that he and you should just enjoy the experience, I bet it is lovely to audition at London. Would agree that they are looking for the same thing in boys as girls - that impossible to define "potential" that they talk about at the Insight Days. I agree about the flexibility, splits etc. My son couldn't do them then and indeed still can't properly, nor can some others in his class. Those things can be developed over time. My gut feel is that it is slightly less difficult to gain a JA place for a boy simply because of the numbers applying. So give it a go! Nothing ventured, nothing gained! Wishing your DS and you lots and lots of luck, and have fun!
  12. Also opened for Newcastle on Monday - Newcastle date is Sunday 29th January
  13. Oops that didn't re-post very well! Sorry!
  14. We also applied but have not heard anything yet - aside also from an e-mail a few weeks ago asking a supplementary question. This is the travel bursary info we got: You are receiving this email as you have selected that you would like to apply for a travel bursary. This year, with the generous support of the Leverhulme Foundation and the Hine Fund, we are able to offer all Associate students travel bursaries that travel 75+ miles to their Associate classes. Miles from Associate Centre Receive 50% or more Financial Assistance Receive less than 50% Financial Assistance Don’t receive Financial Assistance with Associate fees 0-74 miles 0% 0% 0% 75-150 miles 50% 25% 25% 151+ miles 100% 50% 50% The bursary award will be the equivalent of an advanced return train journey for one child and one adult (where accompanied) with the use of a family railcard regardless of how you currently travel to classes. There are two ways to apply for a Travel Bursary: Apply using our online application form. On the application form you must give evidence of how much your travel would be. In order to do this via the online application form you will need to upload an image or document as evidence. This can include a scan of your tickets, a print screen of you journey plan or a copy of a confirmation email. Apply by posting the application form along with supporting evidence. Applications should be posted with accompanying documents to Carla Smith, Finance, The Royal Ballet School, 46 Floral Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2E 9DA.
  15. Yes, everyone got a certificate of attendance but there were other certificates to recognise achievement. Two boys in my DS's group got them. Two years ago there were two different categories of certificate I think - one for achievement and one for progress perhaps?? No idea what they were this time around as they were handed out on Friday during the Classical class. (My DS was non-residential so I got a bit more info on a day-by-day basis!!)
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