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  1. Thanks everyone, thanks Starshine! She was fine, she knew it was a long shot!
  2. Newcastle results are just out. It's a no for my DD, which is what we expected. There were an awful lot of lovely children auditioning in Newcastle this year, more than last year and way more than when my DS auditioned 4 years ago. And only a really small number of places (Newcastle is a single mixed class, years 4-6 and probably only about 12 places in total, most taken by existing students) so the odds were slim. We we had fun though! Good luck to everyone still waiting! ????
  3. I definitely think Newcastle results could be out today/tomorrow...based on nothing concrete though, just a feeling!!
  4. Ah, we are Newcastle which was the very first audition so I guess that's why our results came so much earlier (8 June): DD's audition this year was way back on 2nd May!
  5. I have just checked back and we got our ("sorry it's a no") e-mail result on 8th June last year, so possibly late next week or early the next?
  6. Well, Newcastle always seems to be the first JA audition date and my DD and I were there yesterday. She also auditioned last year (for a Yr4 place), and didn't get in, so we knew the score and we know what the odds are. We viewed it as a nice trip out from school, an exciting break from the routine! The Newcastle auditions were busier than last year (three auditions, one for each age group, versus 2 groups last year) and MUCH, MUCH busier than 4 years ago when my DS auditioned. My DS enjoyed it, had fun. The staff are extremely kind and friendly and spoke to the waitin
  7. Sorry to hear, Yellowbutterfly. It was a no for us too - which I expected but still sad to get a No. I haven't told my DD yet, but I know she will also want to try again next year! Hope to hear some nice happy Yes's on here soon!!
  8. My FB memories feed has told me today that we found out on this day (7th June) 3 years ago that my DS had got a JA place, auditioned for and place at Newcastle! So thats a further year to back up what Dancing Pickles has said. I think they manage expectations by saying July so we don't all start phoning up and pestering them!!! Having said that, I'm pretty sure my DS audition 3 years ago was 30 April (before the May Bank Holiday) in Newcastle rather than this year's audition which was 4th May after the Bank Holiday. Either way, I'm glad my waiting DD still thinks we won't hear until
  9. Well, my DD really enjoyed her audition at Newcastle today, and I was pretty pleased with myself for doing a passable hairdo! It was busy, busy, busy at Newcastle! There were two audition sessions, we were in the second one which, I think, was just current Yr 3s auditioning for Yr 4 places. I think I counted 14 lovely children, boys and girls. I believe the early session was for Yr5 and 6 places, and looked to have around the same number of candidates. The staff were lovely, my DD said the class flew by and all in all it was a super experience! They told us it would be July before
  10. Ms Sunshine, I'm attempting the JA plaits having sought some expert advice (my previous attempts were disastrous!) as DD has way too much hair and the ballet bun just looks ridiculous on her small head! thanks for the good wishes!
  11. Newcastle JA Auditions are tomorrow! I think they are the first. Feeling nervous - and not least because of my rubbish ballet hair skills for my DD! My older dancer is a boy, much easier hair Good Luck to everyone else who is going to be at Newcastle tomorrow!
  12. Hi Katia05 I think your dd has as good a shot as anyone for a Yr6 place so don't be put off. My DS was at one of the smaller centres where all the JAs (yr4, 5,6) are all taught together in the same class but every year there were always new JAs joining at Yr6. And certainly some of those new joiners then went on to be offered vocational school places for Yr7. If they like your DD I'm sure they will find a place. Good Luck!
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