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  1. We've started buying this (red bottle) after seeing it on Youtube being used by Pacific Northwest Ballet students. http://www.hotstuffglue.co.uk
  2. We have finals for Central Saturday afternoon (from 12.45 I think) so perhaps you will do it all in one day SBallerina?
  3. Email has just come through! So... if you don't get a "recall" at the end of the finals does that mean it's a no? Or does that mean they just might want to see odd ones again if they weren't sure?
  4. No Haggis, not heard anything. Still need to book our travel home which is going to cost a fortune if they leave it much later to let us know.
  5. I didn't think there was an audition today? Otherwise why were some people changed to next week and not others? Next week has been changed from contemporary to jazz.
  6. It says that the audition will be an hour and a half (so again not sure why they are saying 9.15am - 2.30pm) and will include pointe work in addition to everything else. There was an attachment to download that came with the email with a bit more info in it as to what they are looking for etc. If you don't have it I can forward it to you if you message me your email.
  7. It's not too difficult. You want a tube that gets you to either Shepherd's Bush or Shepherd's Bush Market. Last time we went we got off and then just followed a girl with a bun from the tube station!!
  8. SBallerina... what a nightmare... hope you managed to change all your travel arrangements ok without losing too much money. I wondered if you logged in to the Cukas application if it gave dates on there but it doesn't it just says "audition pending". Just checked my emails and it definitely said she had been added to the list for 21st as that's the date I asked for but then when the confirmation with all the details had come through it says 28th, I just hadn't noticed that!!
  9. Oh that explains things to me too then. I thought I was going mad as had written down 21st Feb for RCS from initial contact info and even booked trains (she is there anyway so no problem) but then checked email last night and saw it said 28th! Good job I checked it!
  10. Am I right to assume that as everything to do with applications for RB is now online that the results will also be via email?
  11. We are waiting as long as we possibly can. DD only been offered one place so far but I can't afford to put down lots of deposits anyway.
  12. Is anyone at Central for auditions on 13th Dec? I was wondering if anyone had heard about times yet? I need to sort trains etc so am hoping they get in touch soon.
  13. It says from February onwards on the site although there is no link to application forms yet. It says these will be available at the end of Oct.
  14. Yes, we had a letter from Tring with info about what was included in the audition and what they need to bring (jazz shoes, CD for solo and so on), map to school and a form to fill in and send back to confirm that you would be attending.
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