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  1. Bailarin

    Jet Glue

    We've started buying this (red bottle) after seeing it on Youtube being used by Pacific Northwest Ballet students. http://www.hotstuffglue.co.uk
  2. Mine would love the superhero one too but now she's in charge of her own laundry I can't justify spending £35 on one t-shirt that will be tumble dried to death!!
  3. Bailarin


    Yes have had that wet rot wood hardener - also recommended to us at EYB (it IS what is says on the tin Karen! ). Maybe will just get that again then as a back up. After googling a lot I found out that several American companies use "Hot Stuff" glue (the one in the red bottle) and have found it in the UK although it says it's made by a different company but anyway, have ordered some of that to try too!
  4. Bailarin


    Thanks all. Have bought some jet glue-alike stuff as she says that's what everyone is now using and will see how that works for now. Just really odd that nowhere sells the bottles of shoe hardener anymore. Have bookmarked those other ideas! Thank you!
  5. Bailarin


    Anyone know why I'm finding it hard to find shellac to buy online? Am I missing something as nowhere seems to sell it anymore? Thanks.
  6. The dancers will probably help you more than anyone if you can get them together beforehand else try and find a choreographer to work on it with you? The post is genuine Harwel as I remember the audition post on Facebook.
  7. Noticed upon applying for student finance for 2016/17 that our maintenance loan towards the accommodation has gone down by £500. Not enough to cause major dramas admittedly but then I googled and read of someone being unable to afford their rent in their final year of uni studying as the loans can be cut by up to a quarter. Apparently the reasoning for this is that they will no longer be a student over the summer of their final year so need less to live off. Anyway, just something else to be considered when thinking about the costs of living away from home and studying a degree course so thought I'd share it as i thought it was a mistake with their calculations! http://www.theguardian.com/education/2014/oct/03/why-do-maintenance-loans-drop-by-1000-in-final-year
  8. We got the RAD black one and it was very "poofy"... soon sorted it out with a tagging gun!
  9. DD also had very skinny feet and used to swear by the Sansha Tutu. Sadly once she went up into the adult sizes the fit completely changed and were all baggy around the front for her.
  10. Thought I would update this as I had issues with my surgery giving my daughter the vaccination and have spoken to the practice manager and she has explained things to me. There is the new Meningitis vaccination which is the ACWY type which they are NOT eligible for as there are strict government guidelines and she said it is not possible for any surgery to administer this to anyone under the guidelines age limits. However, what you need to ask for is a "Meningitis C Freshers Vaccine" which she advises me is basically the same thing they are administering in the ACWY vaccination and will cover them against those strains anyway. You can ask for this type of "freshers vaccine" on the grounds that the child is "going away for further education" and not on age so their age is irrelevant. Those who have had it with no problems have doubtless had this second type of jab and not the ACWY one. Hope that helps. My DD has re-registered at a surgery in London now as advised by the school but the manager has booked her in for it when she comes back in half term and all I have to do is to fill in a "temporary resident" form beforehand.
  11. Central do have them on Sundays. They are drop in classes: http://www.centralschoolofballet.co.uk/radvocationalexamtraining.php
  12. Do they change their tour locations often? Just noticed they've cut our local one from the next run of performances.
  13. Yes that's the one, NatWest Adapt Account. She can upgrade at 17 to student account with free overdraft.
  14. Updates on that... idiots now tell me she has to be 17... not sure where they missed the fact she was 16 and going to college straight after school but they obviously weren't listening! Might try Jazzpaws Flex account suggestion.
  15. Natwest are opening a student account for DD but I had to have a letter of proof of place from the school with a list of term dates. I was going to open a Santander account as apparently they do a 4 year railcard offer but it seems to be closed in our town currently whilst they are having a refurb! Typical.
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