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  1. ROH website for Nutcracker tickets now states: "Due to London's move to Tier 3, it is with sadness that we must cancel the scheduled performances of The Nutcracker from 16–24 December for live audiences. We are pleased to livestream a performance on Tuesday 22 December."
  2. A fabulous Sunday afternoon performance IG photos Facebook photos
  3. And here is the link to my Instagram IG - Nutcracker General Rehearsal
  4. the magic returns Facebook album Feel free to befriend me on Facebook
  5. Apologies, @Sim and committee, I had not seen this appeal before. I am late but donated just now still, I hope that's okay.
  6. Here a few photos. Usher on my side changed twice during first part of the evening and he forbade me to take photos during applause. He even went over to the official photographer to tell her off, ha ha ha. So, I only got one shot of Swan Lake, and Corsaire through Dance of the Blessed Spirit weren't captured due to this über-usher. Instagram - PDDs Instagram - Elite Syncopations
  7. Some pics of the night on my Instagram page (lighting was still rather low during the ovation) Swan Lake 05 Mar
  8. I have a spare tkt for Swan Lake on Thursday 5th March 7pm (early start!): Amphitheatre seat L-67, £30 (fabulous Marianela Nunez and Vadim Muntagirov) I'll be there on the evening for tkt exchange Thanks, Silke
  9. I'm now sorted for 5th March but am still looking for 12th March. Thanks
  10. @alison @Jan McNulty the file size is indeed too large, "error" message said so. I guess I'm taking too high a resolution photos 🤷‍♀️
  11. I'm looking a for Stall Circle Standing or central Balcony Standing ticket for both Swan Lake 5th and 12th March. Thanks, Silke
  12. @Rob I think Thiago kissed the curtain one last time, just like he kept touching the stage floor. 🙂
  13. my photos seem to be too large to upload here, but I posted some on Facebook and on Instagram if anyone is interested (I hope the links work) If not, my Instagram handle is missbunnyman, feel free to follow, I regularly post curtain call photos from the performances I attend. RB Onegin 2020 - Facebook IG - Onegin Soares farewell
  14. Selling Balcony standing side C-65 for Swan Lake 7:30 pm on Saturday 28th March: £11 Cast is Francesca Hayward, Cesar Corrales I'll be at ROH multiple times beforehand for exchange or I could leave the tkt at box office. Thanks, Silke
  15. Selling Amphi G-64 (aisle seat) - £26 - for Dances at a Gathering / The Cellist on Wednesday 4th March 7:30pm. I can leave the ticket at box office or meet in person before performances 25/2 or 28/2 or 29/2. Thanks, Silke
  16. It’s an aisle seat, I hope you can see the seating chart I’m attaching
  17. Selling Amphi M 67 - £18 - for Onegin Thursday 27th Feb 7:30pm I can Leave the tkt at box office or exchange in person before Dances on 25th. Thanks, Silke
  18. I’m selling SCS D4 for Saturday 8th Feb 7:30pm - £9 (Nuñez, Hirano, Takada, Edmonds, Bjørneboe Brændsrød) I can leave the ticket at box office during the day. Please send a PM and leave a little note here if interested. Thanks, Silke
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