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  1. My DD is now in year 9 at a vocational school and she had never studied ballet syllabus work or taken a ballet exam before auditions. She was a RBS JA for two years but that was really all the focused ballet she had before year 7! The schools are definitely looking for potential rather than syllabus work.
  2. My DD, also at vocational school, often suffers with them (but not quite as badly as yours seems to!). She mostly has hers at night but usually after a day involving lots of activity. we think it is hereditary as her Dad also suffered during adolescence and we are hoping she will grow out of it, but if it became problematic I would take her to the GP!
  3. I have been given to understand that the year 9's now have a black wear moi leotard for year 9 ballet so I don't think they can still use the blue, but I may be wrong.
  4. I have a size 2 Hammond royal blue arabesque leotard used for ballet by year 7 and 8 available. Good used condition. My dd is going into year 9 and doesn't need it any more. Happy to deliver to boarding house at the start of term or can post out if UK - no charge!
  5. Unzabun


    Hi Michelle, Just to clarify on your original question, all MDS awards and bursaries are handed out after the final audition (MDS usually only for years 7&8 applicants) but bursaries can be offered to applicants for any year in the lower school. You are correct that MDS awards are usually made to the students with the most classical potential, but Hammond does also offer bursaries to those who are much more 'all rounders' and the mix of students at Hammond, and even those just on the dance course is much more varied than some of the other vocational schools. If you child is a great all rounder but may not be particularly classical, they may well have a very good chance of a bursary at Hammond! Good Luck.
  6. My daughter has danced a full festival (9 solos and 5 duets/trios) with a sprained wrist all strapped up and no-one commented - she changed her cartwheels to one handed ones! I have also seen dancers in casts take part - no-one has ever commented. I guess if you are concerned you could contact the organisers? Good luck to your DD at the festival!
  7. My DD is in year 7 at Hammond and she loved the fact that she was able to show more of who she was at the Hammond audition with the solo vocal and the solo dance performance, she enjoyed all the auditions but felt that the ones that are classes only, the adjudicators didn't really get to know the auditionees that much, it was more looking at body shape and technique so the Hammond audition felt a bit more like a two way street! Lots of the dancers with her at Hammond are not singers and it doesn't seem to affect any of the decisions about places or funding!
  8. Hi Mae989, congratulations to your DD - my DD is currently boarding in year 7 at the Hammond and absolutely loves it - any questions, feel free to shout!
  9. My DD is an all rounder but loved being a RBS JA and having one class that just focused on Ballet technique with a teacher who had been a professional ballet dancer, and through the JA scheme, we were exposed to all the opportunities for vocational training and she is now happily at a vocational dance school following her dance dreams!
  10. Hi Willow I know it is frustrating and makes you feel panicky inside when you think about it, but you really don't have to make any decisions until finals are all over and you have funding offers on the table, which may perhaps make a big difference to what is best for the whole family - I remember going through very much what you are describing and wanting so desperately to make the best decision for the future, but ultimately we listened very hard to our dd and actually, when the pressure of auditions was over, she considered the the pros and cons of all the options very carefully and explained her preference in a very mature way. In the end, she made the decision for us, and she was right!
  11. Hi Willow My daughter sounds just like yours but a year ahead! She is year 7 at Hammond and absolutely loving it! Last year she was offered both the dance and TA courses at Tring, a place at Hammond and also a place at Redroofs Performing Arts school. She got Elmhurst finals too and although she loves ballet did not want to be a ballerina. In the end her decision was for the Hammond - the dance training is fantastic, lots of ballet but the other genres too, the whole school sings (and this is something that she is very focused on) and there are opportunities for drama classes, private lamda classes, taking part in the big musical theatre production every 2 years, drama GCSE option etc. It is fab that your DD has offers to choose from, in the end mine certainly chose what felt right for her, which was slightly more dance to start with, as it is so much more difficult to catch up on that if you decide that it is more important eventually, but with lots of singing and drama available and more to come in higher years, and she is loving every minute! She also chose the school that she felt most at home in - important when they are boarding at such a young age! Hope this helps!
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