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  1. Hi Pinkbex81 and all, Yes it was London centre that my little DD got offered her JA place with. There were six Year 4s in their mixed boys and girls 4/5 that started that year (three girls and three boys) and other there were many other Year 4s in the single sex classes too. Of the original 6 one girl (not my DD) and two boys went on to WL. I agree with other posters that body shape is important but there is still a lot of variation.
  2. You might be pleasantly surprised, all of you with 7 year olds! My very inexperienced August born dd was a ‘Rising 8’ (as RBS referred to them!) at the auditions a fair few years ago and surprised everyone by being offered a place! She had the best three years as a JA. Good luck to all the little ones. Enjoy your special dancing day out!
  3. Oh gosh good luck everyone with this most nail biting time. I remember it well; now both DD and DS are off the ballet rollercoaster I love to hear all your good news! And those no’s may well become yeses when the time is right.
  4. Fantastic to hear about some yeses! I hope all the children have a wonderful experience.
  5. Hope some little DC receives good news from this. A nicely worded No for my DS. Fingers crossed everyone else!
  6. Thanks for all the information everyone. I didn’t hear anything about being a rat from DS but all about having to look disgusted when he was given a nut! He has practiced that face a lot at home in the past when tea is not to his very fussy liking!! 😂
  7. Hope all the children enjoyed today. DS had such fun last Sunday. Did they say when results will be out? Hope we don’t have too long to wait!
  8. Morning all! Registration seems to be open for LCB’s autumn auditions for their 2018 production of Ballet Shoes. It’s taking place in early July. Excitement in this house as DS is old enough to audition this year, but sadness too as DD is too old this year.
  9. Good luck all. It really is a terrible time for waiting!
  10. Ooooh, new email in my Inbox... I’m on tenterhooks...Oh the National Trust are telling me the roses are in bloom...!
  11. Morning all! So nice to know it’s not just me frantically pressing refresh every few minutes! My money is on Tuesday for boys’ results and Wednesday for girls but I’d be happily proved wrong!
  12. When my older DD did London JAs there were six classes; one mixed 4/5, one girls 4/5, one boys 4/5, one mixed 6, one girls 6 and one boys 6. There were 16 children in each. I’m not sure if that’s still the same but hope that helps..... think it’ll be results next week for sure now!
  13. We are waiting for a boy’s result too. Think London will definitely be next week though. We got our ‘no’ on June 20th last year.
  14. So sorry to hear about the no, not yets and very excited to hear about the yeses! Are we still on Birmingham or are any London results out ....?!
  15. 4 days actually in London. The boys were there on Tuesday! .... Massive congratulations to all the yeses. Commiserations to the no, not yets!
  16. Any emails at all yet or do you think RBS are having Monday off?!
  17. Is Bath really out? It seems very low down the list ...
  18. Fantastic news everyone! 😃 And SO early! I feel quite sick now though!!
  19. Thank you! Fingers crossed for all the DC who auditioned this year and good luck to all the parents waiting too!!
  20. Just thought I’d share little DS’s experiences from his audition on Tuesday. He absolutely loved it despite being very nervous beforehand. Lots of standing in various positions, stretching and pointing his toes “so hard it hurt”! Perhaps because of the lightning storm raging outside the pianist (“she was REALLY good”) played a piece of music that built up from slow to fast which the boys had to interpret as being in a storm. DS’s demonstration at home later made us all howl with laughter so who knows what the RB staff made of it! Stuff at the barre too; he couldn’t remember exactly what! He has since asked me at hourly intervals if I think he’ll get in. Who knows?! What do they do to the children in those auditions to make them love the experience so much?! DS and all the boys came out beaming! We are not looking forward to the wait at all though. Last year he got a “No” on his birthday. Fingers crossed for something different this year!
  21. Hope in a Ballet Shoe is my DD’s favourite book ever! She got it when she was about 12 and has read it many times (as did the rest of the family!) Reading that book led us to discover First Position which is a fab film too, another favourite. We have become such big Michaela de Prince fans that we lurked outside the Coliseum after an amazing performance of Giselle last year and met her. She signed DD’s well thumbed book and was utterly sweet!
  22. Good luck to your DDs Taxi and Loulabelle. Thank you for you wise words and support with so many different queries!
  23. Thank you so much MAK! We have everything crossed!
  24. Always good to try again! My DD has been recalled once out of three attempts so far and got through to the LCB2 tour but never the main company. She is there today for a final attempt as a 14 year old. As for the age conundrum; at least your DD is in a great position for vocational school auditions that use the school year age bands as guidance! My August born DD is always at a disadvantage there! Good luck in the future!
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