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  1. The good ones go elsewhere these days. As suggested above, rotten politics are causing severe problems. Opera gets many new productions but ballet is being neglected under the present management of Gergiev

    I agree that the ballet company is neglected under Gergeiv, obviously because his interests lie with the orchestra and the opera company, yet often the prices of ballet tickets are more expensive than those of opera tickets in St Petersburg, and the Mariinsky is more internationally renowned for its ballet company than its opera company.   It seems he should be paying more attention to what his second-in-command, Yuri FAteyev, is saying: seems Fateyev is bent on destroying the reputation of the Vaganova graduates in his company on the worldwide platform.  

  2. I read the interview of Yuri Fateyev in The Dancing Times recently and was shocked by his answer to this question.  What do others think about it?   


    Igor Stupnikov:  Many leading company dancers are not graduates of the Vaganova Academy. Does this indicate that the Academy does not produce enough dancers to fill vacancies? Or is it that not all graduates meet the high standards of the company?


    Yuri Fateyev:  The Vaganova Academy is an excellent nursery for dancers and produces many professional artists every year. The majority of them are good for the corps de ballet, with some for the higher rank of coryphee. However, the Mariinsky needs more talented dancers with individual qualities who can perform leading roles in the classics. It is, I think, a problem for any company in the world. The thing is that nowadays parents prefer to send their children to all kinds of sports-gymnastics, skating, football. 


    It is from Dancing Times (Dec. 2014 issue)

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